New Facility Brings OCR Training Closer To The South

Santé Fitness Lab, a premier one-stop fitness center that offers holistic training programs, as well as innovative recovery and sports rehabilitation, is set to open facilities dedicated for the training needs of Obstacle Course Race (OCR) athletes in Vermosa in Imus, Cavite this year.

Aiming to put a spotlight on the kick-ass world of OCR, a sport in which a competitor, traveling on foot, overcomes various physical challenges in the form of obstacles, the facility will include strength and conditioning, as well as skill and technique development programs to prepare participants to conquer basic obstacle courses.

“OCR entails a lot of hanging, running, and lifting. It might seem intimidating at first but, with the right training programs, coupled with a winning mindset, I am confident that anyone can finish any obstacle course,” said Clarize Lucindo, Santé Fitness Lab General Manager.

As part of the Santé Fitness Lab, the up and coming OCR facility will rise south of Manila to allow sports and fitness enthusiasts to enjoy and experience the thrill of this emerging worldwide sport.

This initiative is also in line with Santé Fitness Lab’s effort to encourage Filipinos to embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle by engaging in sports while experiencing how it is to train like professional athletes.

Santé Chief Executive Officer Joey Marcelo could not agree more. He said that “the purpose of organizing the obstacle course race is so that we can invite people, regardless of their fitness level and sports background, to enjoy going into sports, as well as live a healthy and active lifestyle.”

“Since Santé is all about promoting health and wellness, we want everyone to be fit so that they can have the energy, stamina, and discipline to continue improving their lives and the lives of their loved ones,” Marcelo added.

To date, Santé Fitness Lab serves as a premier fitness hub, located at the heart of Vermosa in Imus Cavite that offers sports development programs, such as swimming, triathlon, and mixed martial arts (MMA) classes.

The hub also features a Recovery and Sports Rehab center that caters to sports injuries; and Performance Testing services, which are geared toward measuring and analyzing specific performance factors to accurately determine the right training programs for the individual.

Santé Fitness Lab stays true to its tagline, “New Home of Champions” as it has served as the Official Recovery Services Provider for the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA) and the Triathlon Association of the Philippines (TRAP)

To know more about Santé Fitness Lab, its training programs and facilities, and other upcoming events, visit its official FB Page at or its website at

Under Armour Launches Armour @ The Fort and Run United Exceed 2017

Participants work it out during the Armour @ The Fort.

Participants work it out during the Armour @ The Fort.

As the most innovative sports and fitness clothing line available in the market today, Under Armour continues to provide runners and fitness enthusiasts a platform to help them become better athletes.

That said, Under Armour gathered sports and fitness enthusiasts through a fitness program Armour @ The Fort on January 28th at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater. As the name implies, the program kicked off with a morning run led by coaches Titus Salazar and Dan Brown. As part of ActiveHealth’s partnership with the sports brand, Unilab conducted a fitness and nutrition symposium to help runners exceed themselves as they take the challenge of Run United Exceed 2017 Half Marathon.

Catering to active lifestyle aficionados, the afternoon schedule had a full swing of activities that was attended by the who’s who of the sporting community like ultra marathoner Ferdie Capiling and the UP women’s football team.

An afternoon circuit training was led by Under Armour-affiliate trainer “Mama” Kat Geronimo, a renowned celebrity fitness coach who mentors notable film and television actresses such as Marian Rivera, Danica Sotto-Pingris, Melissa Ricks, Megan Young, Bettina Carlos, Anne Curtis and Jessy Mendiola.

To cap off the event, Under Armour unveiled some of its plans for 2017, including the launching of the “Armour @” series. The fitness apparel likewise formalized its partnership with Kerry Sports Manila as the state-of-the-art facility opens its door for the Test of Will 2017 participants.

Make sure to follow Under Armour Philippines via @underarmourph on Instagram and Twitter for more updates and announcements as well as Facebook at

More FUNtastic Reasons To Travel To Guam

There are too many good reasons why we love to travel. Others travel to get a breather from their stressful 40-hour work weeks, spend quality time with the family and loved ones, discover new and exciting places with friends. Some people travel only to shop, dine and live up to their YOLO principle. Truth be told, there’s an endless list of reason why people leave the comfort of their homes and find time to be on the road.

And if I may add, here’s a couple of great reasons to travel, most particularly to Guam. Sports and Shopping! How do sports and shopping come together? Isn’t that a bit odd? Quite frankly, the answer is a massive No.

Reason No.1: 2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragonboat Festival

2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragonboat Festival

2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragonboat Festival

In the past years, much less has been heard about dragonboat racing in the Philippines. However, recently, dragonboat racing is significantly making its way as one of the top sports in the country. More and more sports enthusiasts have gotten their hands on it from even as young as nine years old up to individuals in their 50s, apparently transcending social demographics.

On the flipside, dragonboat in Guam is pretty much in its early phase. Whilst Philippines has fully established its own national dragonboat team, Guam has yet to fully introduce the sport amongst Chamorro sports enthusiasts.

With the prevalence of dragonboat racing in the international arena, Guam is opening its crystal-clear beaches to international paddlers and club crews as Guam ACES (Athletes, Communities, Educators, and Students) in partnership with Guam Visitors Bureau hosts the first 2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragonboat Festival on November 19-20, 2016, at the Matapang Beach Park, Tumon, Guam.

The 2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragonboat Festival is designed to enhance relationships through friendly competition among the local and international club crews. The event will allow the exchange of cultural experiences among the dragonboat clubs from the Philippines, Hongkong and Taiwain, and putting Guam as one of the dragonboat racing venues in the world.

Representing Guam ACES, Mr. Terrence Baclig is very enthusiastic about this offering since it will be a milestone for the dragonboat community in Guam. Also, it will give the Chamorros the opportunity to race not just with the local club crews but with the international club crews as well.

And for the international paddlers, “aside from dragonboat racing, they can relax and enjoy shopping,” added Mr. Baclig.

Reason No. 2: Sports Tourism and More!

As Guam is barely 3 hours away by plane from the Philippines, Ms. Carmel Carpio, Market Account Director of Guam Visitors Bureau – Philippines is inviting Filipinos to come over to Guam, join the Thanksgiving Dragonboat Festival and “experience what Guam has to offer.”

Sky diving is one of the exciting activities that tourists can enjoy. Photo credit: Visit Guam PH

Sky diving is one of the exciting activities that tourists can enjoy. Photo credit: Visit Guam PH

The bureau has been aggressively pushing its sports tourism campaign. As part of the campaign, they recently invited the basketball teams from the University of the East and National University for a friendly competition with Guam National Team.

Ms. Carpio is excited to share that young Filipino athletes can expect more invites from Guam Visitors Bureau for more friendly games held in their world-class sports facilities, and for them to experience other cultures as well.

Aside from its world-class sports facilities, there’s so much more to discover and experience in Guam.

For the runners and running enthusiasts, there are two more good reasons to visit Guam. First, there’s the annual signature race – the Ko’ko Road Race happening around October, and the second, the Guam International Marathon being held in April. The best part about the Guam International Marathon is that, it is a Boston Marathon qualifying race.

One exceptional fact about Guam is that you can practically dip in its beaches, without being asked to leave the beachfront as they are not being owned by hotels and resorts built along the coasts. How’s that for a change?

Dragonboat festival, sports activities, beaches. What else is there in Guam? Hold on to your passport, apply for a US visa, get a plane ticket and fly to Guam for a…

Reason No. 3: TAX-FREE Shopping!

Guam is a perfect haven for shopaholics. Enjoy an absolutely TAX-FREE shopping! Photo credit: Visit Guam PH

Guam is a perfect haven for shopaholics. Enjoy an absolutely TAX-FREE shopping! Photo credit: Visit Guam PH

Guam is one of the five US territories, and the closest to the Philippines. A small island with a population of about 170,000. It is said that you can actually circumvent the entire island in just half a day!

A small island it may be, but it has so much to offer most specially to the shopaholics. There’s an abundance of outlet stores and high end boutiques in the island. And take note, signature brands are way cheaper because the products are tax-free. Yes, you’re reading it right. All items on sale are absolutely TAX-FREE. That means you can shop ‘til you drop. Or perhaps, once you shop, you can’t stop!

Tax-free shopping sounds great, isn’t it? Is it easy to get a US visa to travel to Guam? You may reach out to Guam Visitors Bureau ( to seek assistance on getting a US visa . For some, the visa granted may only be for “travel to Guam” instead of a full US visa. As long as you get that visa, it’s time to pack your bags and plan a vacation.

Aside from tax-free shopping, explore the pristine beaches of Guam. Be sure to have your camera ready and take those Instgram-worthy photos and bring home lovely memories of the paradise that is Guam.

Whether you’re a backpacker, a solo traveller or vacationing in Guam with friends or families, getting an accommodation is now made easier with, a one-stop accommodation search engine in the planet. You can now find right on the pocket vacation rentals, hotels and a list of places to stay in the island. It also provides a comprehensive tourist information guide for your convenience.

Visiting Guam can be a quick turn around. A weekend will do, in fact, which means you don’t need to be on an extended vacation, unless you have other itineraries in the island aside from shopping. 🙂 Like they say, leave for Guam with a backpack, and you go home with a luggage.

So, the next time you plan to travel, make it Guam.

Philippines Hosts The 2016 Asian Dragonboat Championships

dragon-boat-palawan-posterI’m certain that many of you have heard, seen and read about dragonboat racing. If you happen to be in the vicinity of PICC or Manila Bay, you will see a lot of paddlers in training during weekends. Though it’s been existing for centuries, especially in China where it originated, dragonboat racing as a sport is yet to position itself as a major sports event. And in a country like ours where people are very much into sports, dragonboat is fast becoming as one of the sports that many athletes and sports enthusiasts are getting into, albeit that we even have our very dragonboat team competing in local and international races such as the SEA Games.

This year, the Philippine Canoe Kayak and Dragonboat Federation (PCKDF) is hosting the 2016 Asian Dragonboat Championship happening on November 11 – 12, 2016, in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It is the first international branded dragonboat event being hosted by the Philippines with 16 competing teams registered to date. Our very own national team will show their paddling skills as they compete with other national dragonboat teams in Asia.

On November 12 -13, 2016, PCKDF will be the organising committee of the 2016 Puerto Princesa International Club Crew Championship, which caters to different local and international dragonboat club crews from around the world such as Germany, US,Japan and many more.

Spectators and dragonboat enthusiasts can expect a fun and festive two-day activity as club crews and paddlers from across Asia and around the world paddle their way for the most-coveted championship titles in the most friendly and healthy competition.

The two-day event aims to foster camaraderie among the participating club crews and paddlers, to “raise awareness about dragonboat racing in the country,” shared Coach Duchess Francine Go, PCKDF coach. And to further boost the sports tourism in the country.

In Photo (seated left to right): PCKDF Coach Duchess Francine Go, Sheila Leyva, Ms. Carmel Carpio of Guam Visitors Bureau and Terence Baglic of Guam ACES, together with Grace Bondad-Nicolas of TAG Media & PR and selected sports bloggers at the media launch of 2016 Asian Dragonboat Championships and Guam Thanksgiving Dragonboat Festival held at Dad's Glorietta 3.

In Photo (seated left to right): PCKDF Coach Duchess Francine Go, Mindset Event’s Sheila Leyva, Ms. Carmel Carpio of Guam Visitors Bureau and Terence Baglic of Guam ACES, together with Grace Bondad-Nicolas of TAG Media & PR and selected sports bloggers at the media launch of 2016 Asian Dragonboat Championships and Guam Thanksgiving Dragonboat Festival held at Dad’s Glorietta 3. Photo credit: Rikki Suarez

It is remarkable to know that some members of PCKDF competing in the events started to train with the team when they were as young as 9 years old. PCKDF also works on taking dragonboat to the grassroots level as the sport is growing not only in the country but in the international scene as well.

Registration for the club crew championship category will run until October 28, 2016. For more details, please visit PCKDF’s official Facebook page:

These events are made possible through Mindset Events and & Production, Philippine Canoe, Kayak and Dragonboat Federation, City of Puerto Princesa, Philippine Sports Commission and Philippine Olympic Committee.


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