Tracking Run Trainings Using Apps Without Mobile Data

Apps you can use in lieu of a GPS-enabled running watch.

Technology is evolving in a pace fast enough that a few people can keep up with, some can barely catch up, while others are not so lucky to simply get even with it. From home appliances, sports and personal gadgets to software and mobile applications. Name it! There’s a myriad of electronic gadgets that you would want to get your hands on. But frankly, as it is the reality, not everyone is privileged and has the luxury to indulge in keeping up with these new innovations. Well, except for those who chose not to.

In the world of running, a sport that many individuals love regardless of their social and economic status, technology has definitely found its way. And if you have been into this sport for quite sometime, you must be well aware by now of what’s in and what’s hot within the community and among the runners. And that includes running shoes, clothes, running watches with GPS and heart-rate monitor, eyewear, and the list goes on. And from a list of running gears, GPS-enabled watches are a top pick. Mainly because they help you keep track of your training mileage, pace, etc.

Have you always worried about not being able to track your runs only because you didn’t have a GPS watch? For most runners, keeping a record of their mileage helps them to ensure that they train within their fitness level, gradually increase their goals and get better in their race performance. One way to track your trainings and your race mileage is by using a GPS-enabled running watch, that is capable of measuring the distance, pace, total time, split times and other data.

You’re a newcomer in the sport so you don’t want to spend much on the gadget yet. Or maybe it’s not a top priority at the moment. You now ask how you can keep a record of your trainings to figure out if you’re actually making some progress. That said, all you need is a smart phone and a running app such as Strava, Runkeeper or Map My Run (there may still be other apps). Simply turn on your mobile internet to get a GPS signal. And you’re good to go.

What if you’re using a prepaid line and has run out of prepaid credit? No worries. This shouldn’t be a problem at all because the app will still function, as it should, without a glitch as long as you have a good GPS signal. Only you won’t be able to upload your data to the app’s server. The point is, you are able to track the distance you’ve run, your pace and your run time.

Run data collected on Strava and Soleus 1.0 GPS watch.

As to which running app does better? That’s really your personal preference now. Currently, I’m using Strava or Runkeeper simultaneously with my Soleus GPS 1.0 alternating with the Asics GPS watch. So far, these two apps measure the distance and pace pretty much accurately with my GPS-enabled running watch. You can enable the voice function of the app to provide you with your current status such as distance and average pace. Though this can interrupt the music being played. Please note, however, that location and limited cellular network coverage may affect the accuracy of the data. Also, turning on your mobile internet can drain the juice out of your phone quite faster. A completely charged mobile phone can last you up to a marathon finish. So that shouldn’t be much of a worry.

But at anytime in the future, should you feel like ticking off that GPS-enabled watch from your list, head on to a sports or running specialty shops like Runnr or watch specialty shops like L-Time Studio.

Stay fit and have a healthy new year!


Joining The Kaleidoscope World of Color Manila Run 5

color-manila-run-5-jaredWE all wanted to live a happy, fun and colourful life. But sometimes, our hands are just too full to handle a lot of things like stress, traffic, work load, and even some cruddy people. These are the things that make life dull and grungy. So, we look for things that could brighten up our day and add some sense of blissfulness in our life. For me, all it takes is putting on my running clothes, a pair of running shoes, a GPS watch, hydration bottle, and some pumped up music to whisk away a day in the dullsville. And on any particular weekend, I love joining fun runs.

I am grateful for the opportunity to join this year’s opening race – the Color Manila Run 5 held at SM MOA on the 8th of January. Though the concept is practically the same each year, that is, having colour stations along the route and the tossing of coloured powder later during the culminating program, I always have an inkling that there’s something special about this race.

Catching the 5am bus ride from Ortigas going to SM MOA, I instantly recognised a few passengers who are joining Color Manila Run 5. I arrived at MOA just in time for the 6am gun start.

I had to cut through the parking lot whilst I took out my race bib, shades, and headwear from my backpack. Unfortunately, I dropped the headwear so I backtracked my steps. Since there wasn’t much time, I hurriedly changed into my running clothes (I simply had to pull down my city shorts and take off my jacket as I was already wearing my running clothes underneath). I took my turn to deposit my backpack at the baggage counter and joined the throng of runners at the start line, which was unsurprisingly jam-packed! I was expecting all of us to be sent off at once but due to an avalanche of participants in the 10k category, a wave start was implemented to prevent a bottle of neck of runners along the route, especially in the hydration stations.

My Color Manila Run 5 race bib. #CMR5

My Color Manila Run 5 race bib.

As I stood in the midst of excited crowd by the inflated start line arc, I was speaking with Joy, who shared it’s her first time to join a fun run. And her running buddies were still on their way to the race venue. I know how it feels like to run your first race alone. Perhaps, you will all agree with me when I advised her “to just enjoy the run and have fun.” I’m pretty sure she had a good run.

Colourful confetti rose in the air with the release of each wave of runners. The tribal beat of the drums added a more festive mood to the race ambiance, even hinting that there’s more than just the coloured powders. True enough because the relatively flat 10k race course treated the runners to an early morning shower where everyone had almost no way of escaping it. Just a few hundred metres off the start line!


At the Color Manila Run 5 race village, I chanced upon ABS-CBN Sports Unlimited Host Dyan Castillejo, Rodel Montejo, Spongebob Runner (Kuya Merl) and Spongebob, Jr., Sports and Fitness bloggers/runners Franc Ramon and Leo Salazar, and Philippine Volcano’s Chris Everingham.

Along the Pea Rd., runners were having fun being poured with the coloured powders! Runners in groups queued to get a palm print of a dear friend Catherine Manuel at the Purple Station. And that’s just the first one! The next four for five kilometres brought the runners towards Macapagal Blvd. down to the CCP area for the U-turn and back to Seaside Blvd. Even though there was so much laughter floating in the air, I could still hear Sammy Salud cheering for the runners who spared an extra time completing the fun and easy leg work exercises at the Orange Station. That was something new, actually! As what I have commented in Niel Veluz’s social media post, “Bawal ang KJ sa Color Manila Run!” (Don’t miss out on the fun in Color Manila Run!).

Turning right to JW Diokno Blvd., the Blue Station was like a children’s playground. Runners were playing with those coloured powders. A photographer was pointing his camera lenses to any runner passing by. Up ahead was the Green Station and Blue Zapanta’s familiar face was the first to greet me. You see, more than just covering 10 kilometres from start to the finish line, running is about meeting friends who exerted an extra effort to add more fun to the run! The Yellow and Pink Stations completed the colour palette, which added more zest and sprightliness to the already polychromatic route.

My Color Manila Run 5 Medal.

My Color Manila Run 5 Medal.

It took me about 53 minutes and more fun to complete the entire race course. At the race village, I chanced upon Chris Everingham, who led the warm up prior to the gun start and Dyan Castillejo who was getting ready to do her spiel for her TV show Sports Unlimited. Had a short chat with Rodel Montejo, and a bit later, bumped into Franc Ramon and Kuya Merl Magtangob, aka Spongebob Runner, and Spongebob Runner, Jr.

As Franc and I came looking for Manong RJ of Running Photographers, we came by the 21k Redemption booth, where Suncoast Brands Team was handing out Lightwater and Vitamin Boost to half-marathon finishers, who likewise handed us our preferred post-race hydration, as LJ Miranda was busy taking snaps of the finishers. But of course, can we afford to miss her? And I’m very Thankful to Ma’am Lea and Ma’am Maila of Suncoast for the support. Always.


Lightwater and Vitamin Boost Ambassadors Franc Ramon, RJ Espinoza, Jared Baliguat and LJ Miranda.

Soon, finishers painted with various colours have taken over the race village taking photos, selfies, sharing their race stories and what not. And for me, it was another race done. And as I took my seat on the bus going home, I could say that that Life is more colourful with Color Manila Run.

Bring It On For The Ultimate Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017!

soleus-running-dance-fest-2017From running short distance race to ultramarathons and obstacle races, runners are always looking to spice up their running experiences. Some races incorporated Zumba™ in their warm ups and as a post-race activity. You may ask, “how different is the Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017?” Just one reason. William Flores!

As I have mentioned in my previous post, William Flores is a fitness dance and international Zumba® instructor. William Flores is well-experienced in various dance genres such as ballet, modern dance, jazz, reggaeton, salsa, cumbia, folk dance, merengue and hip hop, and has performed in big venues in various parts of the world like Dubai, USA, Singapore, Mexico, Germany. Spain, Malta, France, Italy, and Ireland.

Whilst there are run categories, participants and the spectators can join in the non-stop post-run Zumba® with William Flores.

I’m looking forward to this event come 4 February. And I’m certain you guys are, too! See details below!

Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017
4 February 2017, 3am
SM By The Bay, SM MOA

Registration Details:

Race Category Registration Fee Gun Start Inclusions
21K Php950.00 4:00am Race bib with RFID, event singlet, Finisher Medal
and Finisher Shirt
10K Php750.00 5:00am Race bib, event singlet and Finisher Medal
5K Php600.00 5:30am Race bib, event singlet and Finisher Medal

How To Register:
Online: Log on to

Bank Deposit:
Banco de Oro
Account Name: Mirjam Ann G. Del Rosario
Account Number: 003980196644

Once payment is made, please email a copy of the deposit slip with your name, contact number and shirt size to:

L-Time Studio Stores

  • SM Mall of Asia (Ground Floor, in front of IMAX)
  • SM Megamall (3F Bldg. A)
  • Market! Market! (2F)
  • SM Southmall (Ground Floor near Dept. Store entrance)
  • SM Marikina (Ground Floor)
  • Robinson’s Place Manila (Ground Floor)

Race Kit Claiming: January 27-29 (Friday to Sunday)
Shaw 500 Building, Shaw Blvd. (beside S&R)
Bring original copy of Deposit Slip, Bank Transfer Slip, Claim Voucher (issued at on-site registration), and printed copy of the online registration confirmation.

Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017 Event Singlet

Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017 Event Singlet

Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017 Event Singlet Size Chart

Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017 Event Singlet Size Chart

Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017 Finisher Shirt

Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017 Finisher Shirt

Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017 Finisher Shirt Size Chart

Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017 Finisher Shirt Size Chart

Top 3 Male and Female Finishers across all categories will receive Soleus watches and other sponsors’ freebies. Plus, a meet and greet with William Flores!

Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017 Medals

Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017 Medals

Register now and be part of the ultimate Running Dance Fest of the Year!

Lace Up Your Dancing Shoes as Soleus Goes Sabor Latino 100% !

william-floresFrom running to dancing, Soleus has seamlessly fused these two well-loved activities. I have been running with this happy lot for more than a couple of years and I know how great it feels to be running and hanging out with them. Whilst I wasn’t born to dance, I had so much fun grindin’ and groovin’ with them for the first time. I actually enjoyed it!

Aside from feet-stomping music tracks, what makes this dance sessions unique is the presence of a virtual dance instructor. He’s not just a dance instructor because he has so much credentials tucked under his name. And he’s no other than the world-renowned dance fitness guru William Flores!

William Flores is an International Zumba® Fitness instructor, a well-experienced dancer of four years with high level competency in ballet, modern dance, jazz, reggaeton, salsa, cumbia, folk dance, merengue and hip hop. With his wide range of dancing styles, dance sessions are never a bore with him whether you’re a newbie or a pro.

He has performed in world class venues and international dance events in Dubai, USA, Singapore, Mexico, Germany. Spain, Malta, France, Italy, and Ireland. And for the first time in the Philippines come February 2017!

With his great passion for dancing, William Flores is a perfect fit in a 100% Sabor Latino Soleus Family!

More of this coming soon!

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