The Lessons Of The 7-Eleven Skyway Marathon

run-7-eleven-2017-race-kit-claimingSince the time I have come to understand and embrace running as a lifestyle, I have become relentless about my carefully chosen battles, which means training for the scheduled race, and properly gearing up on race day.

The Run 7-Eleven 2017 race village was all perked up when I arrived to claim my race kit. Roughly a quarter before the 11pm gun start for 42K, most runners including myself joined our respective wave groups. And being my first marathon for the year, I was excited to set the bar for this distance. I had a pretty good start running alongside my dear friend Rhina up until about the 5th kilometre.

Running through the Skyway was quite overwhelming I must say. But at some point, it has made me feel invincible. As I picked up on my pace, I realised I have missed my personal electrolytes solution (oresol). So I had to make sure I hydrate whenever necessary. Hydration marshals politely offered unli-water and unli-sports drinks along the way, and even went an extra mile of peeling off the bananas before handing them to us. It was actually a good idea to prevent banana peels from being scattered along the route, which when stepped on can cause someone to slip. A group of marshals were chanting giving life to the Skyway and giving the runners that extra push just when the legs started to feel heavy.

The Skyway became a rendezvous for me and my friends whom I haven’t seen for a long time, it was a good venue to simply catch up and say hello to, reciprocated each other when there’s no one to boost our waning energy.

At the 22nd kilometre, I could feel my calves locking in. I came up to the medics team and asked for a sachet of oresol to prevent further depletion of my electrolytes (although I already filled my personal hydration bottle with Lightwater, which is always available in 7-Eleven stores!). Lack of proper nutrition plan resulted to leg cramps. It prompted me to slow down and even walk to release the tension in the muscles, and started running again as soon as I could.

Literally hard-earned 42k medal. #Run711

Literally hard-earned 42k medal. #Run711

I was targeting a 4:30 finish time. Due to recurring leg cramps, I had to accept the fact that it was seemingly possible as I still had about five kilometres to go. Like what I would always advise to the runners I’m training with, “Always listen to your body.” I had to play it by ear, even if it means going beyond my target time.

Finally, as I was going off the skyway towards the finish line, a myriad of thoughts came into my mind. There were quite a few important things that I fell short on. Lessons were learned.

Back at the race village, I changed into my fresh clothes and had two bowls of the delicious rice porridge. Tucked my hydration with me and by 6 in the morning, I was back in the Skyway to fulfil my marshal duties to make sure that runners are off the Skyway before it opens for the motorists.

Marshal duties. #Run711

Marshal duties. #Run711

Capturing the sunrise as seen from the Skyway. #Run711

Capturing the sunrise as seen from the Skyway. #Run711

The race has brought me to a realisation that running is not all about the medal, the finisher shirt and the loot bags after crossing the finish line. Running a marathon has taught me how to value training, discipline, respect, integrity and self-worth.


Conquer The Skyway With 7-Eleven Run

7-eleven-run-2017Year after year, runners are always looking for a race that will challenge them terms of their PR, distance, or transitioning to a longer distance. Whilst some runners are on a look out for a new race route that will give them a fresher take on running. For the past few years, the 7-Eleven Run has made its spot in the running community as one of the most anticipated races of the year. Not just because of the finishers’ loot, but because of how the race is being managed, how the race provides a different perspective, and because of the race route that most runners don’t get to run very often – the Skyway.

Whether you are an experienced runner, or is transitioning to run your first half-marathon or your first marathon, the Skyway is a perfect venue. And even if you’ve done a race or two done in the Skyway, certainly, it’s going to be another epic experience. That’s why, in 2017, 7-Eleven commits to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. Want to know more? Check out the race details below.

7-Eleven Run
4-5 February 2017, 10:30pm
Filinvest City Alabang: Bridgeway Avenue and Spectrum Midway

Registration Details:

Race Category Wave Registration Fee Assembly Time Gun Start
42K A – C Php1,500.00 10:30pm 11:00pm
21K D – I Php1,000.00 01:30am 02:00am
16K J – K Php800.00 04:00am 04:30am
10K Solo L – N Php700.00 04:30am 05:00am
10K Buddy O Php1,000.00 04:45am 05:15am
5K P – T Php600.00 05:00am 05:30am
3K U- Y Php500.00 06:30am 06:50am
500m Kids Php400.00 07:30am 08:00am

Aside from gaining entry to the race of your chosen category, you get to help the chosen charity supported by 7-Eleven Corporation. So, part of your registration fee will certainly go a long way.

How To Register:

  • Online: Log on to
    Pay using your credit card, or pay through any 7-Eleven outlet.
  • Using E-Stamp:
    Clique app users and Every Day! Rewards cardholders can earn a slot in their chosen race category. Earn 1 Run E-Stamp for every Php100.00 worth of purchase of any participating products of the major sponsors. One (1) individual race kit is equivalent to 50 Run E-Stamps. For the 10K Buddy Run, One (1) race kit is equivalent to 100 E-Stamps.


  • Registration runs until 18 January 2017.
    Race kits can be claimed on the date indicated in the receipt, from the SAME STORE where payment was made. Registered participants are also entitled to an Asics 20% discount voucher.


7-Eleven Run 2017 Prizes Matrix

  • Top Three (3) Male and Female finishers in each category will receive cash prizes and medals.
  • Top Three (3) Male and Female finishers in the 21k and 42k categories get the chance to join an international race in Asia, all expense-paid by 7-Eleven!
  • Top Three (3) Organisations with the most number of registrants will receive a special trophy.

Singlets:7-Eleven Run 2017 singlets

Finisher Shirt:7-eleven-run-finisher-shirt

Finisher Medals:7-eleven-run-finisher-medals

Race Route:

  • 10K to 42K race routes will extend through the Skyway.
    3K and 5K race routes will be confined within the vicinity of Filinvest City.
    Maps can be download at

42K Race Route:7-eleven-run-2017-42k-route

21KRace Route:7-eleven-run-2017-21k-route

16K Race Route:7-eleven-run-2017-16k-route

10K Race Route:7-eleven-run-2017-10k-route

5K Race Route:7-eleven-run-2017-5kroute

3K Race Route:7-eleven-run-2017-3kroute

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