#tapsimoto: How Your Tapsilog Should Be

With runner-blogger-entrepreneur Richard Reyes of #tapsimoto.

With runner-blogger-entrepreneur Richard Reyes of #tapsimoto.

Everyday we can get so tied up with work and countless things that we sometimes can’t find time to prepare our food. And at times, we are just too slacking to cook. To get through the day, our usual to go foods are the ones commercially available like spaghetti, burgers and fried chicken, and everyone’s favourite treat – tapsilog.

Are all tapsilog the same? If your answer is yes, well, think again.

Absolutely, not all tapsilog are the same. Though they may look and are served with the same marinated beef strips, fried egg and fried rice, they all taste differently. But there’s something that makes a tapsilog different from the others.

Well, I’m just about to find that out.

Coming from a meeting in Makati on a rainy afternoon, I braved the congested EDSA from Buendia to Monumento by bus. When I got off, Richard Reyes, who owns the foodhouse with his family, fetched me at a nearby 24-hour convenience store and off we went to their newly opened #tapsimoto located in Morning Breeze Subdivision, Caloocan City (near MCU).

#tapsimoto looks like just your typical neighbourhood to-go foodhouse. But wait until you tried their tapsilog, daingsilog or chicksilog. Eventhough I don’t know how to cook, I’m quite picky when it comes to food especially with how it’s being prepared.

I rarely order for a daingsilog just for one reason. I don’t like the muddy after taste. This time, however, I ordered for none other than daingsilog. I was thinking I can have it replaced with another dish if I don’t like the taste. After a few minutes, my food was served – daingsilog with extra chicken, topped with stir fried young corn kernels and sliced tomatoes on the side. Remarkably, the fried milkfish doesn’t have any after taste. The meal also comes with a piece of banana. Two thumbs up!

Then the tapsilog was served. What makes their tapsilog different is that, the beef strips were well-marinated, cut into bite-size strips, and most of all, it’s all meat and cooked just right. It goes perfectly well with their home-made vinegar concoction.

With #tapsimoto, tapsilog just got better. Absolutely. With their own supplier of beef strips, you can’t get enough of the tender and tastiest tapsilog. Taste one to know the difference. And for me, #tapsimoto’s tapsilog gets two thumbs up!

That’s how your tapsilog should be!

Just about time I finished my meal, a group of students from the nearby university came over for their early dinner. Richard was very hands-on in managing #tapsimoto – from welcoming the customers to preparing and serving the food. He knows almost everyone who’s dining.

The dining area is a pretty neat place, though it can only accommodate about ten people at a time. It’s a good place to catch up after a long day at work or at school. Not only that your food is served with the choicest ingredients but also you are well attended to.

More than serving well-prepared food, #tapsimoto creates a good relationship with its customers. Great food. Great company.

#tapsimoto accepts bulk orders. You can reach out to Richard Reyes at 0927-5640946. Or visit the official page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tapsimoto

Bondi&Bourke: The Home of Australian Cuisine Opens in Forbestown

Bondi&Bourke opens its second home in the heart of the upscale Forbestown Road in Burgos Circle, BGC. Owned and operated by renowned Chef Wade Watson, Bondi&Bourke serves dishes that can truly satisfy one’s craving palate.

Warm Mushroom Salad

Warm Mushroom Salad

I recently visited Bondi&Bourke as per the invitation of its PR firm through my good friend Kenny Ngo. When I arrived at the resto, I was surprised to see that everyone was outfitted in business casual. Unfortunately, I missed the instruction. I was in my usual comfort get up – Friday clothes. Still, I don’t think I’ll be served with less tasting dishes. Teehee!

Bondi&Bourke’s simple yet classy interior offers a very relaxing ambiance, a perfect place for a mid-day craving, a feel-good place to unwind after a hard day’s work.

While waiting for the other guests to arrive, we had our fill of the canapes individually served – from Fish & Chips, Sausage Rolls, Mini Pies, Prawn Cocktail and Foie Gras Brochette. I preferred Fish & Chips over the others, which was a fish fillet deep-fried just right to a mouth-watering golden brown colour. For our drinks, one can choose a champagne or fresh fruit juice. I don’t want my taste buds to feel a little numb, not just yet, after a glass of the sparkling champagne so I ordered a glass of watermelon juice, freshly squeezed from the real fruit.

Chicken Kebak in Tomato Salsa

Chicken Kebak in Tomato Salsa

Prime Rib-Eye Steak with sides

Prime Rib-Eye Steak with sides

Since it was already lunchtime anyway, I helped myself to a serving of Warm Mushroom Salad made from the choicest mushrooms, lettuce, sliced fresh tomatoes, tossed in a special dressing topped with a sprinkle of white sesame seeds. The neatly-skewered Chicken Kebab is a must-try dish in the menu. Served with the house dressing, the tomato salsa added a twist to the taste. So, if you’re not into red meat like me, you can never go wrong with this one. For steak lovers, indulge yourself to the Prime Rib-Eye Steak with Sides. It goes perfectly well with a glass of champagne!

Creamy hot chocolate by Bondi&Bourke

Creamy hot chocolate by Bondi&Bourke

What’s special about these dishes is that they are served for sharing. Now, you can really enjoy a good conversation over your meal.

Whilst catching up on the latest issues, our dessert arrived! It’s a Sticky Toffee Pudding. Although I’m not a great fan of chocolates, this one will pass for a great dessert. Not too sweet which I so love because I have always preferred my dessert to be not too sweet. And perhaps, a hot chocolate to conclude the meal? Yes!

And in this part of the upscale community, there’s Something refreshing. Something new. A place to cap off the day.

Bondi&Bourke. A taste of Australia.

Bondi&Bourke is open from 10am to 8pm, Monday to Friday; 8am to 11pm Saturday and Sunday. For reservations, please call 0998-5820435 and (02) 866-5518. You can also make your reservations via Booky app or visit http://ph.phonebooky.com (with special Booky Prime discounts).

Want to know the latest promos and offerings? Follow @BondiBourkePH on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. #BondiAndBourkeBGC

Australia Harvest Oats Lets You Stay on Top of Your Game with Better Digestive and Colon Health

Australia Harvest Oatmeal LogoBeing physically fit is just one aspect of our personality. Because there’s more to being physically fit. Sad but true as most of us have overlooked the importance of our digestive and colon health.

Overall digestive and colon health is as important as being physically fit. How to achieve better digestive and colon health? Good nourishment and a proper diet will give us the nutrients and energy that our body needs to complete our daily grind. And adding fibre-rich foods in our diet can greatly improve our digestive and colon health because fibre in food helps in better digestion. One excellent source of fibre are the oats. There are many readily available oat products in the market today. And one question you might ask is, which among those products can provide your daily dietary fibre needs?

Australia Harvest Oatmeal uses the best oats variety from West Australia and packs peak levels of dietary fiber. Zero pollution, haven for growing the best nature-nurtured oats in the world—this is West Australia. Home to nature, the great outbacks, rugby. And Australia Harvest Oatmeal.

Besides promoting healthy cholesterol levels and better heart health, eating oatmeal daily also promotes stronger body and better colon health due to its richness in fiber. Studies show that having a healthy colon helps us work at our best throughout the day. A clean and healthy large intestine also makes us feel good on the inside plus it reduces the risk of colon cancer.

This is why the Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU) or the Philippine Volcanoes sticks to what is healthy, energy-packed, and good for the colon – the Australia Harvest Oatmeal.

Australia Harvest Oatmeal

“Rugby is one of Australia’s favorite sports; it’s also one of the toughest. In a sport as physical as this, you need to keep your body strong and healthy to win. That’s why our team always starts the day with a bowl of Australia Harvest Oatmeal. It’s made with some of the best oats in the world,” says Team Captain Jake Letts.

“It’s packed with energy and keeps us full all day long. Plus, it has all the fiber we need for the day. It keeps us fit and at the top of our game,” Letts further added.

Australia Harvest Oatmeal Four Aus-some Variants

From among the four Aus-some variants, there’s one that’s right for you.

Australia Harvest Oatmeal

For people on the go or for a quicker breakfast, simply add water to Australia Harvest Instant Oats, gulp it down, and get fit—anytime, anywhere!

All-time best seller is the Australia Harvest Quick Cooking Oats – chunky and enjoyable oatmeal that cooks fast. Perfect for health buffs who seek a fuller fill and better digestion.

The chunky and chewy variant, Australia Harvest Whole Rolled Oats is the oatmeal expert’s favorite! It has whole grains and full-packed with all of oats’ beneficial fiber and nutrients.

Last but not the least is the super fibre of oats – Australia Harvest Oat Bran. The outer covering of the oat grain Oat Bran contains the highest level of dietary fiber. It is also ideal for diabetics and people with hypertension.

As an ultramarathoner and a fitness buff, I do more than just run and hit the gym. Sprints, long runs, running in a marathon pace, or circuit workouts can be physically draining. And when the energy level drops, finishing a scheduled workout can be a tough challenge. To make sure I get more during my workouts and training, I eat healthy and I eat the right food so I can do more than just completing my programmed workouts.

And just like the Philippine Volcanoes, I always include the fibre-rich Australia Harvest Oats in my diet for better digestive and colon health, and to stay on top of my game!

Australia Harvest Oatmeal is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide. For more updates, like Australia Harvest Oatmeal’s Facebook page today.

Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2015: Kuala Lumpur in Two Days

Upon arrival at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 1 (KLIA), our tour guide was already waiting for us. While on board the tour bus going to our hotel, our ground handler briefed us with our itinerary while in the city, and oriented us with what to expect during our stay.

The bus ride from KLIA1 to the city was smooth. Thanks to the modern infrastructures and wide freeways. At midday, I knew that the temperature could be already be hot, which could be no different from our country. So, I would say that you are already used to that.

Two days wasn’t long enough to see most of Kuala Lumpur’s main attractions but somehow we’ve managed to check out some of the best places to dine in, places to go to and a must see festival. Despite of the scheduled activities, here’s Kuala Lumpur in two days.

Checking in at the Corus Hotel. It’s a good place to stay if you’re in Kuala Lumpur because it is located near the malls, money changers, parks, restaurants and coffeeshops, and is accessible by public transportation. While it is already expected that in a hotel business that staff should be courteous at all times, I would say that the Corus Hotel staff is exceptionally polite and accommodating.

Our room has a cosy feel, and is perfect for that much needed rest from a long travel or the day’s itineraries.

Wake up to mornings and start your day with a coffee or tea right in your room.

Unwind  with a few bottles of beer, a shot of your favourite liquor or a glass of cocktail at the lobby bar while enjoying good music ranging from easy listening tracks, powerful ballads, retro, pop and dance tunes from a Filipino band Music Notes.

Check http://www.corushotelkl.com for more information.

Now that you’re in Kuala Lumpur, spare some of your ringgits and experience walking through the footbridge connecting the Petronas Twin Towers. That’s an amazing and could be a once in a lifetime experience while in the city.

And yes, don’t forget to see its magnificence at night when all the lights come alive.

As one of the tour sponsors, Felda Investments treated us to a one of a kind dining experience at the D’Saji. D’Saji – Titiwangsa is a perfect place for gatherings, banquets, wedding receptions, and seminars as it can accommodate a large number of guests. It offers a wide array of sumptuous menus from salads, soup, a barbecue buffet, and desserts. The main dishes include Malay, Indian, Chinese and Arabic cuisines. Enjoy their servings of local specialties like the tapioca, sweet potato and and steamed banana complimented by their special condiments and sauce.

While enjoying the good food, be entertained with the live music from a local band, and see the Malaysian culture unfold as groups cultural dancers take centre stage with their graceful performances. For more, visit www.dsajikltitiwangsa.my.

Our second day in Kuala Lumpur brought us to a mega fam press conference, lunch at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel, where we received our Certificate of Appreciation, and a visit to Malaysia Tourism Centre (MATIC). The Malaysia Tourism Centre has practically what a tourist needs: currency changers, coffee shop, souvenir shop, and a 24-hour police assistance desk.

Site map of Malaysia Tourism Centre.

Tours can get you thirsty and hungry. And if you happen to be in the vicinity of MATIC, indulge in some local milk shake and fruit smoothies. You can try to haggle as well with some souvenir shirts and other items. There’s also a Cocoa Boutique. You may want to check out their locally made chocolates.

Food stalls and bazaars near MATIC.

The KL Tower as seen from MATIC. See Kuala Lumpur from the top of the world’s 7th tallest communications tower. The KL Tower features an Observation Deck and the Atmosphere 360°Revolving Restaurant.

Do you think that wasn’t much for two days? Hmmmm. I don’t think so. Because we were about to experience one the biggest festival in Malaysia as we capped our two days in Kuala Lumpur with a trip to Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka, the site where independence from the colonial rule was declared. That’s how the place got its name.) for the annual Citrawarna Festival.

Citrwana is a grand festival showcasing Malaysia’s rich culture and traditions. Coming to the event gave me a new perspective on how a cultural event should be staged. The event featured approximately 600 performers and staff, and a 50 feet by 20 feet digital backdrop that retracts upwards. Multitudes of spectators, locals and tourists alike, came to event to watch the well-prepared performances of the best actors in the local entertainment industry.

Like any festivals, there are also side events within Merdeka Square. There’s a Food Truck fest going on, there are booths selling souvenir items and a local acoustic band playing nearby. All these happening as the main shows rolled at the huge centre stage. Together with Sarah, Rochelle and Aziz, we took the opportunity to see some places of interest and check out what’s going on around the place.

The 41.2 metre clock tower at the Sultan Abdul Samad building in Merdeka Square.

Food Truck Fest was a crowd-drawer.

We tried a coconut milk shake from one of the food trucks. One can never go wrong with a well-blended coconut milk shake. Cheers! (In the photo: Jared, Sarah, Rochelle and Aziz from Brunei).

While the show was rolling onstage, I got the chance to have a photo with one of the performers backstage.

We got the best seat during the show! The 600+ performers during the finale.

The awesome fireworks display concluded the very festive show.

The cultural presentation was divided into three acts, which brought everyone to look at the history, the current, and the future of what Malaysia envisions it to be, that were depicted in various forms of performances. Aside from the cultural presentation, the show also featured local designers and their creations. And if there’s only one word to describe the whole event from the production side to the performances and the side events, it would overwhelming.

That sums up my two days in Kuala Lumpur. Watch for the Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2015 road trip!

For more Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2015 videos, visit  www.youtube.com/RuNNiNGSuPLaDo.

For more information, visit www.tourismmalaysia.gov.my.
Facebook: www.fb.com/friendofmalaysia
Twitter: @TourismMalaysia
Tourism Infoline: 1-300-88-5050 (within Malaysia only)

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