ASICS Running Watch Guide

ASICS sports watches are designed in the tradition of the technologically advanced, high-quality ASICS shoes that have earned the allegiance of many of the world’s top athletes.

With their inspirational form signifying positive energy under the themes “Challenge”and “Confidence”, these watches employ an advanced shape – case offset well to the left – minimising interference by the right side with free movement of the wrist.

The result is easy wearing, easy viewing and easy operation, all achieved at a high level.  These are watches with all of the functions and convenience of use needed by runners, including buttons laid out for easy operation and the widest possible liquid crystal display.

For Racing:
AR01/ 02 for Elite Racer: For serious runners who aim to be a ‘Sub-3 Marathon Runner’.
AR03/ 04 for Challenge Racer: For serious runners who aim to be a ‘Sub-4 Marathon Runner’.
AR05/ 05 for Fun Runner: For runners who are training for short distance races, half-marathons and even marathons.
AR08 (ASICS LED night watch) for Fun Runner: LED light keeps blinking for safe running at night or early morning. The continually flashing LED allows you to see the LCD easily in the dark.

Upon pressing the “NIGHT” button for 2 seconds, the LED light will start flashing for 30 minutes.  The continually flashing LED improves the display visibility in the dark. Pick the colour to match your running gear. SRP P3,950.00

Plastic Case
Stainless back plate
Acrylic glass
Urethane band
5-Bar water resistance
Analogue quartz
Time indication
Chronograph (150 lap/split memory)
Timer (Double Repeat Timer)
Alarm (3-Channel daily)
Back light
Power save
Adjustable display contrast
Battery life: Approx. 2 years

Case size: 44.0mm (between 3 and 9 o’clock positions)
Case thickness: 11.9mm
Weight (including band): 45g
Suitable wrist size: 140mm to 195mm

For Training:
AH01 Heart Rate Monitor: For runners who wish to do training more efficiently based on their heart rate.

AH01 measures and displays the heart rate of the runner in the real time during running, by using the Chest Strap (supplied with the watch) in combination with a built-in heart rate sensor.  By inputting the individual’s running data and gender before running, it calculates the “AT Heart Rate” of the runner automatically using the propriety algorithm developed by ASICS Institute of Sport Science, and provides various information that enables the runner to perform the training efficiently as well as effectively.

“AT Heart Rate” and “AT Pace” serve as guidelines to perform training effectively and control running pace during races, assisting in enhancing your running performance. *AT is short for “Anaerobic Threshold”, which refers to the point at which your body transitions from aerobic to anaerobic exercise as the exercise intensity increases.  The heart rate at this point is called the AT Heart Rate. SRP P5,950.00

Plastic case
Stainless case back
Urethane band
5-Bar water resistance
AT Heart Rate (AT HR) calculation function
Auto-HRM function
Measurement condition checking function
Graphic display of heart rate
Target Zone function
Estimate of marathon finish time
Interval timer
Dual time display
Chronograph function (stores up to 300 measurement data)
Log data function (recall of heart rate and running data)
Double repeat timer
3-channel daily alarm
Auto-backlight function
“ECO” function
Contrast adjustment of display
Battery life: approx. 2 years

Case size: 41.9mm (between 3 and 9 o’clock positions)
Case thickness: 11.96mm
Weight: 44g
Supported wrist size: 140 to 195mm

AR06 Interval Training: For runners who wish to do interval trainings more effectively.
AP02 SPM (Steps per Minute) My Asics Link: A function watch that counts your steps. You can manage your running data through the official website “MY ASICS”.


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