Treating Skin Problems With Skin Philosophie’s Laser Genesis And LimeLight Facial Treatments


I know my skin is in good hands with Skin Philosophie by Dr. Kyla Talens.

For many people, taking care of the skin is more of a girl-thing. Some think it takes the masculinity away from men. But don’t you know that men do need to take extra care of their skin, too?

I have never been particular about my skin since I got into running because I find those skin care regimens quite cumbersome. Constant exposure to the damaging UVA/UVB rays and pollution, plus the dust particles that come in contact with my skin have resulted to excessively oily, rough and dull skin. Melasma, commonly known as the hyper-pigmentation or discolouration of the skin even started to develop. Though this condition is a far cry from being alarming as compared to other skin conditions, I felt that just having a good and healthy skin is paramount to my overall wellness.

I had an obviously oily, rough and slightly discoloured skin. The discolouration was more visible around my eyes. As a starter, my first treatment at Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetics and Lifestyle Solutions (Skin Philosophie by Dr. Kyla Talens, or simply Skin Philosophie) was the Skin Philosophie Signature Facial. The treatment included a thorough cleaning and a very relaxing lymphatic massage of the facial muscles. Then there’s the diamond microdermabrasion to scrub off the superficial dead skin cells, white heads and black heads. For the dark spots around my eyes, Dr. Kyla used a very light pressure to gently and evenly lighten the skin. And finally, a layer of vitamin C to nourish the skin.

My active lifestyle has immensely exposed me to the sun. Hence, the diamond microdermabrasion wasn’t the right treatment for me. The water jet peel was more appropriate as this did not include the diamond microdermabrasion. Instead, a small amount of high intensity water jet streaming from a small tube is flushed on the skin, gently removing any superficial dead skin cells. The result is a more radiant clearer skin.

Facial cleaning, apparently, does not address other skin conditions like excessive oiliness, large skin pores and even premature ageing of the skin. Dr. Kyla recommended Skin Philosophie’s premium service Laser Genesis. Generally, the results are achieved after six sessions (that’s six months of treatment). For severe conditions, it can last up to ten sessions. In my case, I had eight sessions.

LimeLight® Facial treatment by Skin Philosophie addresses melasma, or the discolouration of the skin.

LimeLight® Facial treatment by Skin Philosophie addresses melasma, or the discolouration of the skin.

Now, you can tell how bad my skin condition was! After the first session, there was already an improvement on my skin. The oiliness and the greasy feel has lessened significantly. Six sessions later, the skin looks more rejuvenated, more refreshed. And the skin pores are visibly tightened and minimised. Now, I no longer have to frequently wipe off the oil build up in my skin. And there’s no more greasy feel. I don’t have to worry about skin breakouts anymore.

With Laser Genesis, there’s less to no downtime at all, except for a pinkish to very light reddening of the skin, specially in my nose area. And honestly, it doesn’t look bothersome at all. Only that, I can’t wash my face within the next eight hours after the treatment. So, I normally get my treatment on a day when I don’t have any early schedule the following day. In fact, I can already go back to my normal activities. I can resume my training and running the following day. As the skin is a bit more sensitive approximately within two weeks, I use a sunblock even if I train no later than 7 in the morning, or after 5 in the afternoon. I avoid direct exposure to the sun. And I have made it a daily habit to put on a sunblock. And I think with or without the treatment, it’s a must for everyone to use a sunblock nowadays.

People can really see the difference. Friends have noticed it. And I am reaping the benefits of having Laser Genesis treatments. During a radio interview (which was simultaneously broadcast through Facebook Live, and was later on uploaded on YouTube), I didn’t have to think about getting a fix before going live, and even during the commercial gap halfway through the radio show.

And as a bonus, Laser Genesis treatment did a very good job of minimising if not completely removing the thin facial hair on my upper and lower lips. And daily shaving is another item off my routine. That makes life a lot easier, don’t you think?

Extensive exposure to the sun for the past five years since I got into running has resulted to hyper-pigmentation or discolouration of my skin. During my recent visit to Skin Philosophie, Dr. Kyla recommended their newest premium service – the LimeLight® Facial treatment, which addresses melasma. And according to Dr. Kyla, it is best to treat such condition at an early stage so treatment doesn’t take that many sessions.

LimeLight® Facial treatment is done after a thorough cleaning of the face. It includes a series of laser shots being closely administered to the skin. There’s a bit of a tingling sensation with each shot, but it’s totally comfortable. Similar to Laser Genesis, no washing of face in the next 12 hours. A sunblock is highly recommended for possible exposure to the sun. And as I have aforementioned, using a sunblock should be part of our daily routine.

With Dr. Kyla Talens and RN Camille at Skin Philosophie, BGC.

With Dr. Kyla Talens and RN Camille at Skin Philosophie, BGC.

Experience Immaculate Correction. At Skin Philosophie, you are guaranteed of a premium service that’s right on your pocket delivered by Dr. Kyla Talens and the well-trained staff. That’s affordable luxury! Plus, high quality machines being used for Laser Genesis and LimeLight® Facial treatments are all imported from reputable manufacturers of medical machines from Europe.

Now, you can beat the holiday stress and look refreshed with Skin Philosophie’s premium facial treatments at half the price until 15 January 2017 only. Call (02) 856-7451, 215-8080; text/Viber 0917-8860646, 0925-8664433 for your appointment. Skin Philosophie is located at the 3rd Level, The Fort Strip, BGC.

Watch out for the opening of its newest branch at the 9th Avenue, BGC!

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