The Music Run™: Strutting My Way Around The 5K Route

At the start line, the ambiance was already pumped up with best tracks by the best DJs! #TheMusicRun #LiveThe Beat

At the start line, the ambiance was already pumped up with best tracks by the best DJs! #TheMusicRun #LiveThe Beat

Coming off from a Friday night shift, I already knew that it’s going to be fully booked and fun-filled weekend of December 3, 2016. In the morning until about noon, I was in the corporate sportsfest where our team was playing for the championship title. And without any rest (whew!), I got ready for the afternoon’s music run in McKinley West. At 3pm, the traffic was already building up in all parts of Metro Manila, especially along the main roads. And I had a difficult time getting a ride. Thankfully, the cab I hailed willingly drove me off to race venue.

Half past three, I was still stuck in the middle of C5. At 4:10pm, I was roughly 500 metres away from the race so I got off the cab. I was already late for the 4pm gun start. Since the runners were flagged off in waves, I decided to join the final wave at 4:30pm.

When I reached the race village, I claimed my race kit from the media centre, and proceeded to the media tent to change into my running clothes. Once ready, I hurried to the start line and was just in time for the final wave flag off! I’m already used to buzzer beating in races, anyway, so, this wasn’t really new to me. Teehee! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch up with Redge and Franc since I arrived late for the 4pm gun start.

Ready for the #TheMusicRun and #LiveThe Beat with #Lightwater.

Ready for the #TheMusicRun and #LiveThe Beat with #Lightwater.

At the start line, the DJs were spinning upbeat tracks which made the runners already grooving! When the 10-second count down commenced, excitement was simply exploding! As soon as the final wave left the the start line, the fun vibe was overflowing. It can no longer be contained. It was epidemic and infectious. I knew right there and then that it’s going to be an epic five kilometre of running, errr…grooving and strutting.

I haven’t been wrong. As soon as I passed the Rock Music Zone, I caught up on a fellow blogger-runner The Running Diva” Roselle and a long time good friend Marga. Roselle and I were actually dancing our way from station to station, walking at times, and taking a lot of selfies! Then, we bumped into Running Pinoy Dennis who gamely joined us. In the Pop Music Zone, we danced with Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time – on stage, and dear Marga was taking the video for her documentation! Oh, how The Music Run™ actually let us do crazy things. Ahahah..! From our usual fun runs, we blended with the crowd. And I must say that we blended really well.


You can tell we definitely loved this race!


The Old School Music Zone was a simple musical throwback. But judging from the tracks being played, those weren’t old school music, to be honest. There must’ve been a mix up of the playlist. Nonetheless, old school or not, come on, it’s the music that matters!

The Hip Hop Music Zone featured a group of dancers who truly embody the hip hop culture. It was not uncommon to see the Music Runners stop by and get into the groove. There was even a graffiti of the urban community.

The route led us to the black tent. Once inside, it felt like you’re in the dance hall as the music reverberated in the air. Neon lights were all over! It was the Dance Music Zone! What a cool way to prep up for a short but sweet sprint to the finish line!


A 5k distance which I finished in 1 hour + FUN!


The finish line was teeming with runners and the marshals were all waiting for us handing us our well-earned medals. And frankly, this was my longest 5k race – ever! What’s best about this race is that, I met so many running friends, who instead of running, chose to guide all the runners as route marshals. I’m just so glad to be running the same race with my kapatid Sheila Leyva.We crossed the finish line in 1 hour plus fun. Lots of fun, actually!

Catching up with Toni, Redg and Franc at the media tent. #TheMusicRun #LiveThe Beat

Catching up with Toni, Redg and Franc at the media tent. #TheMusicRun #LiveThe Beat

Thank you, The Music Run™ by Philam Vitality for another awesome and memorable race! See you next year!

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