Celebrating Active And Healthy Lifestyle Through the 21st Alaska Football Cup

21st-alaska-football-cupFootball, like any other sport, teaches values such as sportsmanship, hard work, determination and discipline, that children can live up to when they come of age. Complemented with proper nutrition, children develop their social skills, self confidence and their personality, which allow them to better mingle with, excel in school and in sports, and achieve the “winning form”.

Annually, Alaska Milk holds the most anticipated football tournament in the country through the Alaska Football Cup. This year, the 21st Alaska Football Cup held on November 26-27, at the Alabang Country Club engaged 4,800 athletes from all corners of the country, comprising 320 football teams and officiated by at least 168 game officials in 28 football fields – all in one venue!

“This marks another monumental event for Alaska Milk. We have 320 teams and a total of 4,800 football players together in one venue, all united by their love for football. It is with great pride that we witness how the Alaska Nutrition. Action. Champion. program has engaged young athletes into this kind of culture, and hey live by the values inherent in sports,” shared Mr. Wilfred Uytengsu, President and CEO, Alaska Milk Corporation.21st-alaska-football-cup-girls

Truly, the players’ passion for football is deeply rooted within themselves, that even the inclement weather didn’t budge any of them. Children played like pros. The adults showcased their best skills. And the youngest ones chased and kicked the ball just like those in the football field next to theirs. It was certainly more than just a day in the pre-school. They may not have understood the competition aspect of the game, but I can tell some of them already exhibited the makings of a football champion.

Each game played was intense as skills and strategies blended well together. Loud cheers emanated from parents and supporters with each goal, when it’s a good pass, and even when it’s a miss, giving two-day tournament a festive atmosphere. From the elimination games to the finals, everyone showed they have what it takes to be champions. The energy was overflowing. It was relentless.


Sportsmanship is one of the values sports, such as football, teaches.

Sportsmanship is one of the values sports, such as football, teaches.

But just like other tournaments, teams lose and teams win. And no matter how much the players put in in every game, there can only be one winner. Whilst losing is not really easy to deal with, sports has taught the children at such a very young age the value of sportsmanship, such that at the end of each game, winning or losing, players gave each other the high fives.

More than winning or losing the game, football is a perfect vehicle to raise awareness that proper nutrition and active lifestyle is healthy for the growing up kids. And Alaska Milk’s Nutrition. Action. Champion. campaign has successfully championed this through its various sports program.


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