The EGGciting Adventure Run: This Is My Story

Photo credit: Walking Photobooth

Photo credit: Walking Photobooth

It took me quite a long time to finally publish my race report on Eggciting Run, which was held on the 6th of November, 2016.

After completing mostly half-marathons races, running 10 kilometre races was a very welcoming idea and a very good challenge. For me, it means giving each stride a little more push. Otherwise, I would feel a bit slacking after crossing the finish line.

Due to the inclement weather, the race was pushed back at a later date, and I was able to fine tune my training. Since it’s been quite a while after my previous, I arrived at the race venue about an hour earlier and proceeded to the registration booth to pick up my race kit.

As a recreational runner, I have never attempted to be in the front line during races. I have always given that spot to the elites and the competitive ones. Whilst it will take me countless trainings to be in their shoes, this time, I gave myself the chance to wait for the gun start alongside the elites and the competitive runners. And taking it from Nike Run Club coach Niel Veluz, there’s the “Lakas maka-elite!” feel by simply standing there.

Prior to the gun start, it was clearly announced that the race route included two loops of JW Diokno Blvd., which runners have acknowledged whilst others reacted to it.

Just a little past 6 in the morning, all 10K runners were flagged off. During the first few hundred metres or so, I was struggling a bit trying to find my rhythm. But after making the second U-turn along Pea Road then turning right to Seaside Blvd. down to Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, I was running a little under 4 minutes a kilometre putting me on the sixth spot trailing behind Niel Veluz. My strides were better and I was breathing rhythmically. We made another U-turn at Buendia Avenue (by the intersection where the World Trade Center is located) and Niel has already taken the third spot, whilst I slowed down to about 4.5 t0 5 minutes a kilometre maintaining my position in the race. Just before reaching the bridge along Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. (that’s before turning right to Seaside Blvd.), I have taken the fifth spot. At this point, we’ve covered roughly half the race distance, hydrating whenever necessary. And the 5K runners have also been released.

After the second U-turn, I was on the 6th place, right behind Niel Veluz.

After the second U-turn, I was on the 6th place, right behind Niel Veluz.

Coming off from the third U-turn and approaching the bridge along Macapagal Blvd., I haven taken the 5th spot.

Coming off from the third U-turn and approaching the bridge along Macapagal Blvd., I haven taken the 5th spot.

Halfway to JW Diokno Blvd. and Seaside Blvd. intersection, a runner has just taken over over and so I thought I was down to the sixth spot again. But I felt relieved when I learned that he was in the 5K category, as he was instructed by the marshal stationed by the visibly huge signage at the corner of JW Diokno and Seaside Blvds. to go straight ahead. As I was just a few metres behind, the marshal has not missed directing me to turn right towards JW Diokno. And for the record, the race marshal was repeatedly instructing “5K runners go straight ahead, 10K runners turn right.” And for a race route that was so simple and uncomplicated as this one, and with all the visible signages, honestly, that spot was absolutely hard to miss by any 10K runner.

Runners turn right towards JW Diokno Blvd. This spot is hard to miss since there was a race marshal station here giving instructions to runners. Also, there's a huge signage directing runners to turn right.

Runners turn right towards JW Diokno Blvd. and make t. This spot is hard to miss since there was a race marshal stationed here giving instructions to runners. Also, there’s a huge signage directing runners to turn right.

Turning right, I perfectly recognised the four runners who were ahead of me. And as we made a U-turn at the JW Diokno Blvd. and Buendia Ave. intersection, we were given a blue loop ring. Thankfully, there’s a water station so I made sure to hydrate properly. On my way towards Seaside Blvd., on my left, I saw the leading three runners, the fourth runner was about 300 metres ahead of me. On my second loop, there was the exact same number of runners ahead of me – four of them. After making the second U-turn in JW Diokno Blvd. heading towards Seaside Blvd., I spotted the leading female runner Andrei Enriquez. When I turned right towards Seaside Blvd., I knew that I have completed about 9 kilometres, and I was on my way to the finish line.

I was about 200 metres away from the finish line with about two minutes to burn – just enough to nail a Sub45. But a senseless biker deliberately cut across my way despite being forewarned to pull over. I was burned. Though I made it to the finish line unscathed.

At the activity area, I bumped into Niel Veluz and congratulated him for placing third in the 10K category. I was shocked more than surprised to find out that he came in fourth in the marshal’s Top Finishers’ log sheet. That really boggled me big time because from about fifth kilometre to about a little over ninth kilometre, there were only four, yes, four runners ahead of me!

Eggciting Run 10K Top 5 Male Finishers

Eggciting Run 10K Top 5 Male Finishers

I would like to reiterate that prior to the 10K gun start, the emcee mentioned the two loops to be completed along JW Diokno Blvd., there was a marshal assigned at the corner of the Seaside and JW Diokno Blvds., and a huge signage was placed direct the runners to turn right. I’m trying to decipher how one can miss that spot.

Also, there was a race clock by the finish line, which the runners can check for their finish time. Note that the real third finisher crossed the timing mat in 42:52. If one actually admits that he is not a fast runner, wasn’t it unusual to finish 10K in 40 minutes or less?

Granting that one actually missed a portion of the route, and was listed to be a second or third placer, right there and then, it should’ve been admitted so that he won’t be listed in the roster of the top finishers. Wouldn’t it be puzzling to think that he wasn’t even in the lead pack during the entire race? And allegedly, the records weren’t rectified until about an hour or so later. Seriously? What was the hold up? These are the questions that are still hounding me up to this day. Hence, the late posting of this story.


My official finish time.: 10K – 00:45:05

On a personal note, slaying 10K in 45 minutes was truly an adventure. I was a feel good race and I had fun. Only that I’m so disappointed of the one (mis)adventure that happened. Most importantly, the race owners and organisers have successfully achieved their goal of raising awareness on the importance of healthy eating for healthier living.


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