Lace Up Your Dancing Shoes as Soleus Goes Sabor Latino 100% !

william-floresFrom running to dancing, Soleus has seamlessly fused these two well-loved activities. I have been running with this happy lot for more than a couple of years and I know how great it feels to be running and hanging out with them. Whilst I wasn’t born to dance, I had so much fun grindin’ and groovin’ with them for the first time. I actually enjoyed it!

Aside from feet-stomping music tracks, what makes this dance sessions unique is the presence of a virtual dance instructor. He’s not just a dance instructor because he has so much credentials tucked under his name. And he’s no other than the world-renowned dance fitness guru William Flores!

William Flores is an International Zumba® Fitness instructor, a well-experienced dancer of four years with high level competency in ballet, modern dance, jazz, reggaeton, salsa, cumbia, folk dance, merengue and hip hop. With his wide range of dancing styles, dance sessions are never a bore with him whether you’re a newbie or a pro.

He has performed in world class venues and international dance events in Dubai, USA, Singapore, Mexico, Germany. Spain, Malta, France, Italy, and Ireland. And for the first time in the Philippines come February 2017!

With his great passion for dancing, William Flores is a perfect fit in a 100% Sabor Latino Soleus Family!

More of this coming soon!


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