More FUNtastic Reasons To Travel To Guam

There are too many good reasons why we love to travel. Others travel to get a breather from their stressful 40-hour work weeks, spend quality time with the family and loved ones, discover new and exciting places with friends. Some people travel only to shop, dine and live up to their YOLO principle. Truth be told, there’s an endless list of reason why people leave the comfort of their homes and find time to be on the road.

And if I may add, here’s a couple of great reasons to travel, most particularly to Guam. Sports and Shopping! How do sports and shopping come together? Isn’t that a bit odd? Quite frankly, the answer is a massive No.

Reason No.1: 2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragonboat Festival
2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragonboat Festival

2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragonboat Festival

In the past years, much less has been heard about dragonboat racing in the Philippines. However, recently, dragonboat racing is significantly making its way as one of the top sports in the country. More and more sports enthusiasts have gotten their hands on it from even as young as nine years old up to individuals in their 50s, apparently transcending social demographics.

On the flipside, dragonboat in Guam is pretty much in its early phase. Whilst Philippines has fully established its own national dragonboat team, Guam has yet to fully introduce the sport amongst Chamorro sports enthusiasts.

With the prevalence of dragonboat racing in the international arena, Guam is opening its crystal-clear beaches to international paddlers and club crews as Guam ACES (Athletes, Communities, Educators, and Students) in partnership with Guam Visitors Bureau hosts the first 2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragonboat Festival on November 19-20, 2016, at the Matapang Beach Park, Tumon, Guam.

The 2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragonboat Festival is designed to enhance relationships through friendly competition among the local and international club crews. The event will allow the exchange of cultural experiences among the dragonboat clubs from the Philippines, Hongkong and Taiwain, and putting Guam as one of the dragonboat racing venues in the world. 

Representing Guam ACES, Mr. Terrence Baclig is very enthusiastic about this offering since it will be a milestone for the dragonboat community in Guam. Also, it will give the Chamorros the opportunity to race not just with the local club crews but with the international club crews as well.

And for the international paddlers, “aside from dragonboat racing, they can relax and enjoy shopping,” added Mr. Baclig.

Reason No. 2: Sports Tourism and More!

As Guam is barely 3 hours away by plane from the Philippines, Ms. Carmel Carpio, Market Account Director of Guam Visitors Bureau – Philippines is inviting Filipinos to come over to Guam, join the Thanksgiving Dragonboat Festival and “experience what Guam has to offer.”

Sky diving is one of the exciting activities that tourists can enjoy. Photo credit: Visit Guam PH

Sky diving is one of the exciting activities that tourists can enjoy. Photo credit: Visit Guam PH

The bureau has been aggressively pushing its sports tourism campaign. As part of the campaign, they recently invited the basketball teams from the University of the East and National University for a friendly competition with Guam National Team.

Ms. Carpio is excited to share that young Filipino athletes can expect more invites from Guam Visitors Bureau for more friendly games held in their world-class sports facilities, and for them to experience other cultures as well.

Aside from its world-class sports facilities, there’s so much more to discover and experience in Guam.

For the runners and running enthusiasts, there are two more good reasons to visit Guam. First, there’s the annual signature race – the Ko’ko Road Race happening around October, and the second, the Guam International Marathon being held in April. The best part about the Guam International Marathon is that, it is a Boston Marathon qualifying race.

One exceptional fact about Guam is that you can practically dip in its beaches, without being asked to leave the beachfront as they are not being owned by hotels and resorts built along the coasts. How’s that for a change?

Dragonboat festival, sports activities, beaches. What else is there in Guam? Hold on to your passport, apply for a US visa, get a plane ticket and fly to Guam for a…

Reason No. 3: TAX-FREE Shopping!
Guam is a perfect haven for shopaholics. Enjoy an absolutely TAX-FREE shopping! Photo credit: Visit Guam PH

Guam is a perfect haven for shopaholics. Enjoy an absolutely TAX-FREE shopping! Photo credit: Visit Guam PH

Guam is one of the five US territories, and the closest to the Philippines. A small island with a population of about 170,000. It is said that you can actually circumvent the entire island in just half a day!

A small island it may be, but it has so much to offer most specially to the shopaholics. There’s an abundance of outlet stores and high end boutiques in the island. And take note, signature brands are way cheaper because the products are tax-free. Yes, you’re reading it right. All items on sale are absolutely TAX-FREE. That means you can shop ‘til you drop. Or perhaps, once you shop, you can’t stop!

Tax-free shopping sounds great, isn’t it? Is it easy to get a US visa to travel to Guam? You may reach out to Guam Visitors Bureau ( to seek assistance on getting a US visa . For some, the visa granted may only be for “travel to Guam” instead of a full US visa. As long as you get that visa, it’s time to pack your bags and plan a vacation.

Visiting Guam can be a quick turn around. A weekend will do, in fact, which means you don’t need to be on an extended vacation, unless you have other itineraries in the island aside from shopping. 🙂 Like they say, leave for Guam with a backpack, and you go home with a luggage.

So, the next time you plan to travel, make it Guam.

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  1. These are all certainly very good reasons! Would be best to schedule a trip here around the time of the Dragon Boat Festival to enjoy all 3! 🙂


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