Take Your Running To A Higher Level With Under Armour’s UA Run Crew

ua-run-crewAs most runners take their running a notch higher, the UA Run Crew is a perfect venue for them to engage in programs that specifically address various aspects of running from proper warm up exercises, running drills, injury prevention to nutrition, etc. The UA Run Crew is in collaboration with APEX Sports Training System designed and developed by top notch sports and fitness coaches Toni and Jim Saret.

Prior to its official launch, I had the privilege to experience first hand the extensive workouts and trainings that await all participants of the first UA Run Crew in the country.

At the sneak preview of the UA Run Crew held at Kerry Sports, Shangri-La at The Fort, Coach Zoe led the warm up, carefully observing us and correcting our forms, which I greatly appreciated. In my case, she corrected how I did my burpee. From the plank position, I would normally bend my knees then spring to a jump. She taught me the proper way of doing it by actually demonstrating it. Instead of bending the knees, they should be straight forming an inverted V position. In the process, she also tweaked some warm up exercises so that we can properly execute the ones that we had challenges in. We did a series of warm up and cool down drills,which are very important before and after a workout or a race.

Then comes Coach Toni Saret for the 4-minute workout. And I must say, that one set of the 4-minute routine is equivalent to half an hour of grinding, which targeted specific muscles for better flexibility, agility and better cardiovascular endurance.

Coach Toni Saret leading the 4-minute workout.

Coach Toni Saret leading the high intensity 4-minute workout.

And that was just a primer of what’s in store for the participants of the UA Run Crew!

UA Run Crew is launching on October 1, 2016, at the Bonifacio High Street Amphiteathre at 5pm, with no less than Under Armour Ambassadors Piolo Pascual, Coach Jim and Coach Toni Saret.

The UA Run Crew is perfect for elite and running enthusiasts, and individuals who embrace the active lifestyle. To make it to the roster of the UA Run Crew, register at Under Armour brand houses in BGC and UP Town Center. Interested parties may also register online at www.coachjimsaret.ph.

The first 20 male and female participants can now try on the new and highly acclaimed UA Charged Bandit 2 as part of UA Run Crew’s monthly shoe trials. The UA Charged Bandit 2 is a good running partner as it sports the Molded Micro G® foot-bed that takes the shape of the foot for great cushioning as well as a rubber outsole that offers full ground contact with deep tense grooves for extra flexibility.

I'm quite privileged to have a photo with top-notch fitness coach, Coach Toni Saret, at the UA Run Crew pre-launch held at Kerry Sports in Shangri-La at The Fort.

I’m quite privileged to have a photo with top-notch fitness coach, Coach Toni Saret, at the UA Run Crew pre-launch held at Kerry Sports in Shangri-La at The Fort. Photo by Bernadette Bathan

Aside from the UA Run Crew, Under Armour will also be introducing the UA Record and MapMyRun digital applications that track and monitor the progress of runners.

The UA Run Crew will be headed by brand ambassador and program director Jim Saret, who is the sports and fitness-training consultant of the Philippine Olympic Committee and currently serves as the president of Scientific Sports and Fitness Council of the Philippines.

Registered applicants will be part of the very first Under Armour Run Crew in the country. They will receive exclusive discounts, be the first to try the latest innovation gears from Under Armour and get free coaching from our international trainers Coach Jim and Coach Toni Saret along with the other Under Armour PH ambassadors.

Make sure to #RunWithFight on your social media accounts and follow Under Armour Philippines via @underarmourph on Instagram and Twitter as well as Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/underarmoursea.


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