From A Fledgling High School Publication Correspondent To A Magazine Columnist

Growing up in the countryside, I was contented with the plain life that we had. I was living with my parents during school breaks and I was living with my grandparents for the most part of the year. I remembered watching my grandfather working on his old-aged typewriter after retiring from his job as a clerk of court at the municipal trial court. And at a very young age, I learned to use the typewriter.

My first magazine article published in frontRunner magazine in 2013.

My first magazine article published in frontRunner magazine in 2013.

Whilst most children my age had been very vocal about what they wanted to become whey they grow up or what career they want to have, I can’t remember having one. Having no television at home since we didn’t have electricity, we were contented to just listening to our old transistor radio. I was influenced by my friends into current events and commentary programs on radio. So, on week nights, I was glued beside the radio listening to a commentary program hosted by one of the best radio commentators Jenil Demorito on DYFM Bombo Radyo Iloilo, while working on school projects or homework.

My exposure to these kind of radio programs has greatly influenced my career goal. When I stepped into my junior year in high school, I realised that I wanted to become a broadcast journalist. Or at least, a career in media. I had to study well so I can get good grades. Though I must admit that I didn’t really standout. I was just a mediocre-performing student. Since I wasn’t much of a performer, I joined our high school publication as a correspondent during my final year. As a graduating student, I was preoccupied with academics. Though I managed to have at least one article published.

In college, unfortunately, I didn’t take any journalism course (I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education). Something that I’m still arguing with my parents up to this day. In as much that I was very much into journalism, I joined the college publication. It was very enriching as I was able to attend writing and journalism workshops to improve my writing skills though I must say that I wasn’t much of a prolific writer compared to my contemporaries. Nonetheless, I was able to pull if off and had my articles published.

I left college a few days after the school opened because I felt that I won’t be able to make it as journalist anyway. I was on my third year. I went to live in Manila with my other grandmother, aunt and uncle. Living in the big city was never easy. I had to change jobs every five months or so. And I struggled a lot. My dream of becoming a journalist died down on me. When I got the opportunity to go back to school, I took a bachelor’s degree on Information Technology. An English professor suggested that I put up a blog. I had second thoughts about blogging but then I gave it a shot, anyway. Later on, blogging became a diversion from my 40-hour work week. Something that became my passion.

My debut article in BOD Fitness Lifestyle Magazine, released digitally on 3 September 2013.

My debut article in BOD Fitness Lifestyle Magazine, released digitally on 3 September 2016.

Having published quite a number of blogs, I took the chance at submitting an article to frontRunner Magazine about my experience in my first ever trail run, published in its Volume IV Issue 2, 2013. From then on, there were other opportunities to write for Pinoyfitness.

A big break came in around second week of August this year. After a meeting with Ms. Dulce Gonzalez and Ms. Anna Teodoro Suanco, I accepted the offer to be a regular contributor for BOD Fitness Lifestyle Magazine, where I will have my own column tackling about the running and triathlon communities. Having a four-day deadline, I had to cram to finish the write up. Thankfully, the subject of my article is none other than Wacky Baniqued, a young triathlete whom I have covered in most of his multisport races for the past four years. Writing about Wacky was quite easy since I have known him since he was about 8 years old. In no time, I got the write up and so were the photos. Thanks to all the photographers who shared their photos.

When the magazine came out on September 3, I was taken back to the time when I was a third year high school student who was aiming at becoming a broadcast journalist. Though I really didn’t end up as what I wanted to be.

Just when I thought I have forgotten about my goal, unknowingly, it just presented itself. Of course, I am not a big time writer and I am not even at par with others, yet, writing for a magazine and having my own column is already a big achievement for me.

From a fledgling high school publication correspondent…

“Don’t lose hope when you see that your goal seems to be out of reach. One day, you will realise that your dreams didn’t drive off. For all you know, it might have just taken a backseat.”


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