It’s Never Too Early To Start Investing

Glad to catch up with Matteo at the Sun Life Prosperity Card launch held at B Hotel, Quezon City.

Caught up with Matteo at the Sun Life Prosperity Card launch held at B Hotel, Quezon City. Photo by Lani Banzon

There’s always a notion that investing is for the rich and for the older people. But considering that majority of today’s workforce are the millennials, it’s time to re-focus the attention on this group of potential investors. As more and more younger group of individuals are getting hired and provide the much-needed services in today’s ever fast-changing world, it’s very important to encourage this generation to invest early. And making sure that they entrust their investments with a company that has a strong foundation in terms of its capability to handle a diverse investment portfolio, and is equipped with the necessary tools and manpower in wealth management.

For any new potential investor, there maybe a myriad of questions hanging around your head right now. Questions like “How do I talk to about investing?” or “How much do I need to make my first investment?”. Quite frankly, these are the very same questions that I have in mind.

As investment companies innovate their wealth management strategies, investment has just been made easy. Thanks to Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc.’s (SLAMCI) Sun Life Prosperity Card for making investing easier even for the youngest of investors. And to further encourage more people to start investing in their early lives, SLAMCI got no less than celebrity triathlete Matteo Guidicelli to endorse its new product.

Matteo Guidicelli is one of the most-sought after celebrities today. He has a string of significant shows and endorsements tucked under his belt. As an actor, he portrayed various roles and remarkably made a good impression on his acting skills. And later on, he ventured in music and released his first studio album (I personally like the first single off his album Ipapadama Na Lang).

Matteo Guidicelli at the run course during one of my coverage of the of Ironman 70.3 held in Cebu.

Matteo Guidicelli at the run course during my coverage of the of Ironman 70.3 held in Cebu.

As a triathlete, I’ve covered him in his Ironman 70.3 races held in Cebu and I can say not only that he is a fine actor, but also he is a down-to-earth and very kind person, a very supportive brother to his triathlete siblings Giorgia and Paolo and a very good son to Mommy Glena and Daddy Gianluca. His good disposition and good character make him a perfect fit as the new face of Sun Life Prosperity Card. He is total package!

The Sun Life Prosperity Card is an investment card worth Php5,000.00, which may be invested in any of the peso-denominated mutual funds managed by SLAMCI under its Sun Life Prosperity Funds.

The new Sun Life Prosperity Card TVC featuring Matteo Guidicelli will “encourage the audience to begin their investing journey because it’s an easy and convenient way to start building one’s brighter future,” explained SLAMCI president Valerie Pama.

“By investing in mutual funds, one can make his money work harder for him, as against simply leaving all of it in the bank,” Ms. Pama added.

To elaborate this, for example, a 91-day time deposit in a bank ten years ago would have given 28% return; but for the same period, the Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund would have grown by 66%, the money invested in the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund would have earned 155%, and a investment in the Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund would have gained 221%.

“This is exactly why we want Filipinos, especially the youth, to start investing some of their money in mutual funds,” Ms. Pama further added.

That makes sense. So instead of spending your hard-earned money in gadgets and clothes, why not spare a certain amount in to invest and make it grow. Make your money work for you. And when the right time comes, you’ll reap the rewards of your wise spending.

To learn more about the Sun Life Prosperity Card and how you can start investing, visit Invest now and #LiveBrighter.


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