Live a Brighter Life with Sun Life

A large percentage of today’s workforce is composed of the young generation and the millennials. These are the working individuals who are in their late 20s or in their early 30s. Needless to say, they are the kind of people who are passionate about what they do like travelling, hiking/trekking, blogging, etc., on top of their 40-hour work week. They are the busiest. You may wonder how do they get away with all their activities without compromising their jobs. It takes a careful planning and the right time management to be able to juggle between the job and other activities. For some, they had to make sure that any non-job related activities don’t come in conflict with their job, which could also mean plotting the vacation leaves in advance. The only challenge that would arise is when something that’s hard to miss comes up. And that’s quite a dilemma.

How can you get going with the activities you love and at the same keep a rewarding job? However, at some point, that passion takes you on a different path and you thought of pursuing it on a whole new level. You thought of making a living out it. So you end up leaving your 8am to 5pm job. But how far can you go?

For most of us, we need to earn a living to pay for our bills, rent, travels, clothes, etc. And it is a known fact that not at all times that the things we love doing can be financially rewarding. So we give up what we love doing and return to the routinary 40-hour office job.

“Your passion should be fuelling you, not draining you,” shared Ms. Arriane Serafico, blogger and owner of

“The reason we pursue our passion is we can build a life that we love,” Ms. Serafico further added.

With this in mind, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc., a member of Sun Life Financial Group (SLF on Tokyo Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange and Philippine Stock Exchange) recently launched the #LiveBrighter campaign, which aims to reach the younger generation of today’s workforce. It brings a message that being a Sun Life Financial Advisor is a rewarding profession and it allows more millennials to take on their passion and at the same time to be financially stable and prepared.

Bloggers join the Sun Life #LiveBrighter campaign launch at Aracama in BGC.

Bloggers join Agnes Dizon-Cuaso and Arriace Serafico at the Sun Life #LiveBrighter campaign launch at Aracama in BGC.

Sun Life offers each Financial Advisor the opportunity to earn unlimited income, perks such as all-expense paid travels and the liberty work on their own pace and schedule. As more and more Filipinos are becoming aware of the importance of financial and health security, there’s actually a world of opportunities waiting for new Financial Advisors.

“We need more Financial Advisors to educate Filipinos on the importance of preparing for the unexpected life’s events and offer them solutions that let them have Money for Life,” explained Ms. Fin Bernardo, Sun Life Recruitment Manager.

Sun Life wants you to #LiveBrighter. Be part of its roster of successful Financial Advisors by joining the next #LiveBrighter Forum. Register at


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