All Set for Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon!

Ultramarathons have become a long road party for many runners who have taken the challenge of road racing. Friendships were forged and strengthened as runners exchange their well wishes for fellow participants. These races test not only the physical endurance of the runners but also their mental toughness. After all, even some the strongest of runners don’t make it to the finish line because of lack of mental preparedness. And guess what, there were even runners who don’t look physically tough but, deym, make it to the finish line! Why? They were emotionally and mentally well-conditioned.

The Race
Race Weekend

Race weekend at a glance.

For the past months, you have all been training and preparing for this epic Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon slated on September 3, 2016, with start and finish line at Clark Parade Grounds, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. That’s barely two days from today.

The event features four categories, namely, 100k solo, 100k relay and 50k solo. So, whichever race category you have registered in, I’m pretty sure you got yourself ready for it.

The route is a 50-kilometre loop, and those running the 100k distance will have to make two loops of the race course. The route will take participants along the main highways of Clark, Air Force City, long stretches of paved, tree-lined roads, passing through scenic and tourist spots. The route is a mix of flat and rolling hills with 900++ meters of accumulated elevation gain. Expect a cold weather at night and be as well ready for the scorching heat during the day. So, it is assumed that you have done your heat training.

And did I say 360 runners, and hundreds of volunteers and spectators are expected to come to the Clark Parade ground on race day?

Mandatory Gear

Mandatory Gear

The Competitors

The list of runners includes some high level athletes, recent national marathon champions, trail and road long distance run top finishers, last year’s top overall and age group winners and some international runners. We are expecting a fast race, with course records expected to be challenged by this year’s competitors. On top of these entrants, the race also is filled with running veterans, age groupers ranging from 22 to 68 year old runners, and ultramarathon first timers.

For all our runners, whether they are eyeing for a top finish or to successfully conquer the route within the cut-off time, we hope they will be able to “dig deep” and explore the innate, possibly dormant, strength in them, HARNESS THEIR OWN ENERGY!

Most of you must have already done preparing your mandatory gear, and are just waiting for the big day! But hey, what else is there to know? I’m sure you are as excited as I am. Check this out, guys!

Aid Stations locations.

For more details, visit Visit us on facebook and instagram at ClarkUltramarathon for real time updates on the race.


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