#tapsimoto: How Your Tapsilog Should Be

With runner-blogger-entrepreneur Richard Reyes of #tapsimoto.

With runner-blogger-entrepreneur Richard Reyes of #tapsimoto.

Everyday we can get so tied up with work and countless things that we sometimes can’t find time to prepare our food. And at times, we are just too slacking to cook. To get through the day, our usual to go foods are the ones commercially available like spaghetti, burgers and fried chicken, and everyone’s favourite treat – tapsilog.

Are all tapsilog the same? If your answer is yes, well, think again.

Absolutely, not all tapsilog are the same. Though they may look and are served with the same marinated beef strips, fried egg and fried rice, they all taste differently. But there’s something that makes a tapsilog different from the others.

Well, I’m just about to find that out.

Coming from a meeting in Makati on a rainy afternoon, I braved the congested EDSA from Buendia to Monumento by bus. When I got off, Richard Reyes, who owns the foodhouse with his family, fetched me at a nearby 24-hour convenience store and off we went to their newly opened #tapsimoto located in Morning Breeze Subdivision, Caloocan City (near MCU).

#tapsimoto looks like just your typical neighbourhood to-go foodhouse. But wait until you tried their tapsilog, daingsilog or chicksilog. Eventhough I don’t know how to cook, I’m quite picky when it comes to food especially with how it’s being prepared.

I rarely order for a daingsilog just for one reason. I don’t like the muddy after taste. This time, however, I ordered for none other than daingsilog. I was thinking I can have it replaced with another dish if I don’t like the taste. After a few minutes, my food was served – daingsilog with extra chicken, topped with stir fried young corn kernels and sliced tomatoes on the side. Remarkably, the fried milkfish doesn’t have any after taste. The meal also comes with a piece of banana. Two thumbs up!

Then the tapsilog was served. What makes their tapsilog different is that, the beef strips were well-marinated, cut into bite-size strips, and most of all, it’s all meat and cooked just right. It goes perfectly well with their home-made vinegar concoction.

With #tapsimoto, tapsilog just got better. Absolutely. With their own supplier of beef strips, you can’t get enough of the tender and tastiest tapsilog. Taste one to know the difference. And for me, #tapsimoto’s tapsilog gets two thumbs up!

That’s how your tapsilog should be!

Just about time I finished my meal, a group of students from the nearby university came over for their early dinner. Richard was very hands-on in managing #tapsimoto – from welcoming the customers to preparing and serving the food. He knows almost everyone who’s dining.

The dining area is a pretty neat place, though it can only accommodate about ten people at a time. It’s a good place to catch up after a long day at work or at school. Not only that your food is served with the choicest ingredients but also you are well attended to.

More than serving well-prepared food, #tapsimoto creates a good relationship with its customers. Great food. Great company.

#tapsimoto accepts bulk orders. You can reach out to Richard Reyes at 0927-5640946. Or visit the official page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tapsimoto

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  1. My mouth is watering!!! I love Tapsilog and I feel like I can eat it everyday. The whole dish looks great! My list of places to visit is becoming longer and longer. I love how you took a photo of the students as well 😀

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