A Runner’s Skin Care Regimen

With Dr. Kath and RN Lea after my Laser Genesis treatment at Skin Philosophie.

With Dr. Kath and RN Lea after my Laser Genesis treatment at Skin Philosophie.

Being a runner, exposure to the sun and its harmful UVA/UVB rays is inevitable, and can extend to a much longer period during trainings and races. Not to mention the dirt and dust that can clog the pores due to sweating and oil build up in the skin. And can result to nasty skin irritation.

Maintaining a healthy skin is must, though it can require a tedious regimen. And with the kind of activities I indulge in, it’s definitely a huge challenge for me. Sunblocks and other protective gear are not enough to shield our skin from getting damaged like excessive oiliness, rough skin, enlarged pores. And there could actually be a lot more!

How do I keep my skin healthy?

The truth is, I’m not so keen about putting creams and other products on my face. Except when racing or when training, the most that I do is apply a layer of sunblock on my face, neck and arms – which is a must, wear protective gear like shades and caps and drink lots of water. Sometimes when I come home from work, I even forget to wash my face.

There isn’t much that I do, right? How do I keep my skin healthy then? Okay. It’s Skin Philosophie’s Laser Genesis treatment. Safe, effective and non-invasive, laser genesis has greatly improved my skin condition even right after the first treatment. My skin is no longer oily and there’s no greasy feeling on my face. That saves me from looking like an oiled pan ready to fry an egg!

Laser genesis uses an advanced technology for precision treatment of skin problems that cannot be addressed by the regular facial treatments. Laser genesis brings back the glow of a dull skin, effectively minimises visibly enlarged skin pores, and lessens oiliness of the skin.

So, for someone who’s actively participating in sports that require to be under the sun, and for those who are not much into facial treatments like me, instead of getting facial treatments that include exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin, go for laser genesis. And it perfectly works for individual who are not into diamond peels or having chemicals applied to their skin. Laser genesis is simply the right treatment for you, it’s absolutely safe and effective!

At Skin Philosophie, you get the same premium services for a lot less! You get attended to by professional staff. Consultations are done by no less than UK-trained doctor, Dr. Kyla Talens. That’s an absolute luxury!

Experience the #ImmaculateCorrection and the #AffordableLuxury. Visit Skin Philosophie today!

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