Horrifying and Shameless Acts

I have heard many horrifying stories and seen shameless acts of some “bloggers”, as what they have come to label themselves, putting into jeopardy the reputation of the real bloggers. Some of them came from a group of sports enthusiasts and the blogging community, and they have marred the image of a particular sports community as well.

During an event launch, as a token of appreciation to the bloggers and members of the media who took their time to attend the event, the organisers gave each one a simple gift. Whilst I wasn’t paying attention to this person, my eyes caught one of their group’s “normal” actions whenever they attend an event. He asked for an extra item! Perhaps, the organiser wouldn’t mind giving him an extra piece of a token. But that was just a shameless act. Just for a piece of a mug!

In one event, this person (I’m not sure if he’s really a blogger!) asked his friend if he can tag along to a press launch. Whilst he has been invited to quite a few events, he was not invited to attend this one event in particular. Nonetheless, he must’ve persuaded his friend because he was right there. As in most cases, press launch for a racing event entitles one for a free race kit. And this is the only one reason I can think of why this person vehemently wanted to be at the press launch. Since he wasn’t part of the invited press, he wasn’t entitled to race kit. To the surprise of those who were aware, he harassed the organiser for a race kit. Whew!

Sometime ago, there were two bloggers who weren’t invited by the PR nor the race organiser for a press launch of their event. They made it to the event anyway since they knew someone who got herself invited to attend. Oh, well. After the event ended, one of them took not just one, but two loot bags without even asking the one in-charge like he was entitled. But wait, there’s more! He even took some of the products that were displayed in the cocktail tables!

No wonder why some members of the media are not bent towards the bloggers of the crass behaviour they saw in some.

These kinds of behaviour should be stopped. And perhaps the only to do so is by not admitting these kind of people to the event.

What are your thoughts on this matter?


2 Responses to Horrifying and Shameless Acts

  1. mskathykenny says:

    Bagay dito yung line na “he’s making a list, and checking it twice, he’s gonna find out who’s naughty who’s nice.” I make a list and make sure that they will never be invited. I also make it a point to let people know they CANNOT and MUST NOT gate crash my events. 🙂


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