MyPocketDoctor: Hassle-free Health Care in Your Hands

MyPocketDoctor Card

MyPocketDoctor Card

Everyone is doing his best to avoid getting sick. Well, who wants to get sick anyway? Nobody.

Seeing a doctor does not always mean you are sick or ill. And sometimes no matter how much we tried to adhere to the precautionary measures to the dot, it is inevitable to become sick due to our habits, lifestyle, stress and even due to some environmental factors.

Like me, some people don’t feel like going to see a doctor when sick and would rather resort to self-medication. Note, however, that self-medication only works for the common colds, cough or fever and few other illnesses. And this doesn’t always work for everyone. There are cases that there is an urgent need to see a doctor, and that means leaving the house early due to the traffic, filling out the forms and waiting on queue until it’s your turn to be called. All these can eat up much of your time.

The great news is that quality medical advice is now just a few clicks away—thanks to MyPocketDoctor, the first telemedicine app in the Philippines.

Truly a game changer in both the technology and medical fields, this breakthrough mobile app (which is available in both iOS and Android formats) enables users to speak to well­-trained, experienced doctors in an instant.

Dr. Johann Manez, as interviewed by Vincent Garcia of ABS-CBN Online.

Dr. Johann Manez, as interviewed by Vincent Garcia of ABS-CBN Online.

Making medical consultations accessible 24/7 with the help of easy­-to-­use technology – drawing from virtually every field of medicine – MyPocketDoctor will truly change the way Filipinos access quality healthcare.

Each consultation is customized to suit the needs of each patient, adhering to world-­class telemedicine standards. Your doctor will have access to your profile and medical history in order to give you the best treatment possible. You can also choose to communicate in various local dialects and international languages.

Mediaxes Philippines Inc., the growing company behind the development of MyPocketDoctor in the Philippines and a branch of the European based company, Mediaxes A/S, is partnering with HMOs to expand their services in the country, giving more medical convenience to a larger number of Filipinos.

Here are several ways to begin using MyPocketDoctor:
  • Log on to and register.
    Download the application through the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android devices.
  • You can also choose to register via text to 29290-DOCTOR (2929036­2867). A nurse will contact you shortly to assist you in completing a one­time registration; this includes a thorough assessment to fill out your Electronic Patient Journal (EPJ).
How to use MyPocketDoctor card.

How to use MyPocketDoctor card.

After you get your coupon code by purchasing the MyPocketDoctor card through ( and partner HMOs), consultations can be requested through SMS, the application or through the website. The MyPocketDoctor card and coupon code will soon be available through different partners and establishments. More easy payment options are available as MyPocketDoctor expands its partnership with network providers and payment systems across the country.

Video consultations can be done depending on the internet connection and when the doctor and/or patient requires the need to do so.

MyPocketDoctor is available for only for Php 450.00 – guaranteeing a whole lot of savings from the traffic, queueing in clinics, and the time and money that you will be spending to actually go to a hospital. And, it also gives you the option and the convenience of having your prescribed medication delivered right at your doorstep!

So, get started on your journey to hassle-­free medical care today!


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