Movie Review: Independence Day Resurgence

Queueing to be admitted to the theatre at the Resorts World Manila, I was trying to recall the scenes in the approximately 2-hour film Independence Day released sometime in 1996. I can barely recall one. Honestly. Whew! That was ages ago!

I cosily sat on my designated seat as I waited for the movie to roll. Shortly, the lights were turned off.

Roughly twenty years after being set free from the invasion of the extra terrestrial humanoids, the Earth and its inhabitants are once again facing an insurmountable amount of danger and are in the verge of extinction.

After the successful battle against the humanoids two decades ago, the Earth Space Defense headquarters was set up in the moon. Jake Morrison (Liams Hemsworth) and his best friend Charlie (Travis Toth) are in the moon working on the defense base when the beam started to collapse. It was a judgment call for Jake to pull back the collapsing beam using his pod without the authorisation of his superior General Jiang Lao. He got the ire of Gen. Jiang for his risky action as his pod including him could literally burst into bits.

The screen pans to a crash site of an alien ship from twenty years ago in Africa. David Levinson meets with Dikembe Umbutu, who led the war with the aliens and killed most of them. The crash site also houses some captive aliens. Since then, he has been having unexplainable visions of the aliens.

Perhaps inspired by her uncle who is space military general, Rain became a space pilot. She is seen as visiting her uncle Gen. Jiang in the base camp in the moon. This led me to think that due to a more advance space technology, going to the moon was pretty much like flying from Asia to the Americas! Rain’s presence in the defense base sent infatuation signals to Charlie. I can see floating hearts here!

An unidentified spacecraft is seen approaching the moon, which was also seen from the Earth. Current President Elizabeth Lanford authorised the attack on the spacecraft as it was considered a threat. The defense team brought down the spacecraft and everyone thought the threat is over, hence, the people gathered round in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the victory. The president was to give a victory speech, and so was one of the veterans from first alien invasion, Gen. Thomas Gray.

In the meantime, a space scientist, Dr. Brakish Okun, has finally awaken from a twenty-year coma. Driven by some unknown force, he started writing some symbols in his hospital room.

Back in DC, Gen. Gray came up to warn everyone that “They’re coming back!”

Those who had a close encounter with the aliens in the past all felt an excruciating mental pain, just as an immensely huge spacecraft approached the moon, sending laser bombs to the defense base and killing some military personnel including Gen. Jiang. The spacecraft was seen hovering the earth, and there was some kind of magnetic force that caused the earth and the skyscrapers to crash, the seas was tossed creating tsunamis destroying thousands and even millions of lives. Space military pilot Dylan Hiller (Jessie Usher) went through a trauma as he witnessed his mom, a hospital nurse, was buried alive from the crashing building. And it was the same kind of pain Jake Morrison felt twenty years ago when his parents both perished during the invasion. And as with most films, there are twists that can be somewhat expected of – like the character of Julius Levinson (David Levinson’s father) who was on the sea fishing. Whilst the boat was cast ashore, he survived. He was later found by a group of kids, the oldest could be in her early teens, who were driving out of the city to escape the chaos. His character played an important role in saving the children.

The mother spacecraft sent a huge laser beam drilling towards the core of the earth, whilst a group of gold mine explorers were tasked to monitor the progress of the drill. Meanwhile, Dr. Brakish discovered how to open the sphere (the one brought down early on by the moon defense team). The sphere relayed its story, something that the space scientist could have learned from.

The four young space military pilots – Jake Morrison, Charlie Miller, Rain Lao and Dylan Hiller spearheaded the attack against the Alien Queen spacecraft. Tactical mission was launched against the spacecraft. And I must say that the execution of the space war scene was remarkable to the highest.

Unexpectedly, a magnetic force rendered their space hubs useless and they were sent crashing to the earth. The alien forces hunted them down. And the drilling beam was almost hitting the Earth’s core! The space military relentlessly fought with all they have. You gotta watch the film how they survived the hunt and how they eventually killed the Alien Queen. The Alien Queen being dead, the spacecraft left the Earth.

For now, the Earth’s worst fear is over.

Now, do you really believe we’re not alone in this universe?

The Independence Day Resurgence block screening was brought by Light Network in cooperation with PMCM Events, and other sponsors.

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