Feel the Difference with Newton Running Shoes

A wide selection of Newton running shoes to choose from to fit your lifestyle and personality.

A wide selection of Newton running shoes to choose from to fit your lifestyle and personality.

You may have realised by now that there’s actually a long list of running shoes that you runners and running enthusiasts can choose from. I for one, normally have a hard time choosing and deciding which brand to settle with, eventhough I have neutrally pronated feet. Remember that it’s important to wear the right pair of shoes even if you’re a recreational runner. How much more if you are gunning for a podium finish?

Invest on the right pair of running shoes. Wearing the shoes that’s a perfect fit for you feet’s pronation not helps you with your running form and performance, but also it prevents you from incurring injuries during training and races.

Newton Running shoes have come to light in the last few years here in the Philippines. Inarguably, it’s one of the top brands in as far as shoes tailored for runners and triathletes are concerned, and one of the top choices by professional triathletes.

I had my first pair of Newton running shoes when I participated in the 2013 edition of TNF100 held in Baguio, where I ran 100 kilometres. It was a Sir Isaac pair for trail running. I’ve tried it on the trails. So, now is the time to put on a pair and test the feel of Newton running shoes on the road.

At quarter past 7pm, and everyone was all ready getting ready for the test run. And being one of the last few to arrive, the pair reserved for me was a Newton MV3. And for someone who’s worn quite a few different brands of shoes, I knew right there and then how different the MV3 is s it fits snugly without that feeling of tightness on my feet. I already sort of anticipated that how it feels now would change once I start running.

Normally, when I put a totally new pair of running shoes for the first time, I would feel some discomfort. Sometimes I even feel some pain running down on either or both shins. With the MV3, it didn’t take me longer than a few minutes to get used to it and I didn’t feel any discomfort at all.

Me and the Newton MV3.

Me and the Newton MV3.

I am a mid-foot striker. Instead of feeling the pavement right under my foot, the 5-lug platform in the midfoot area of the outersole provided more than just comfort and less impact on the foot and knees with each step. The lugs also provided “assistance” for a more natural running form and foot strike.

My final assessment after completing 3 kilometres around Bonifacio High Street is that, MV3 is a perfect pair for anyone who wants to enjoy running as a fitness regimen, whatever your running goals are. It is a good investment for running enthusiasts who train to become faster, stronger and more efficient runners and who want to nail new PRs. It is a recommended pair for a runner who trains for a podium finish in his races.

For runners who wear stability pairs, Newton Running has a good line of stability shoes that will certainly fit your preferences.

Each pair is carefully made to ensure better running. And yes, you can choose a colour that reflects your personality. Own a pair of Newton running and put your best shoes forward.

Happy running!


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