Running and Healthy Skin with Laser Genesis by Skin Philosophie

You see, I spend at least forty hours a week at the office, I train for at least four days and join fun runs (well, some of those runs are not that fun, really!) on weekends. Trainings and weekend races expose my skin to unhealthy elements in the environment such as smoke, dust and the nasty UVA/UVB rays. In order for me to minimise exposure from these harmful elements especially getting dried up under the sun, I train very early in the morning or late in the afternoon. But races, especially the long distance ones, which they call ultramarathons, defy all the precautionary measures to protect my skin.

I recently completed a 100-kilometre trail foot race in Baguio popularly known as the TNF 100. One of the challenges of such ultra-distance races is the inevitably long exposure to the sun. The race route was a bit unforgiving to the skin. From eight in the morning up until five in the afternoon, I was trekking along the mountain ridges, running, jogging and even walking through dirt and cemented roads. And wearing protective gear and using sunscreen protection weren’t just enough, honestly. Just imagine being under the sun for some ten hours! That’s a torture to the skin! And we are all aware how harmful the UV rays are and they can potentially cause irreversible damage to the skin.

This is an actual footage of the Laser Genesis treatment.

I have been asked quite too many times how do I take care of my skin then. Research and technology have greatly improved the skin care treatments. And to make sure I get the right treatment for my skin after the gruelling 100-kilometre race, I got the Laser Genesis treatment from Skin Philosophie by Dr. Kyla Talens. Laser Genesis precisely targets and closes visibly enlarged pores, minimises oily skin, removes fine lines and evens out the skin tone to make the skin healthy inside and out. At Skin Philosophie, the treatment runs for roughly half an hour which is being done by a licensed doctor or a well-trained medical professional at the clinic. So you are assured that the procedure is properly done. Utmost care must be done because after all, your face is the only one you have. Unlike other treatments, Laser Genesis has a minimal downtime. The laser treatment may sting a bit. And for some, the skin my look a bit reddish after the treatment, though it can start to disappear within a few hours. Please note that you can’t wash your face within the next eight hours so it would be best to avail of the treatment at your most convenient schedule.

Feel how your skin greatly improves and see that glow you’ve never seen before.

Experience the Immaculate Correction and the Affordable Luxury at Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetics and Lifestyle Solutions by Dr. Kyla Talens.

For appointments, please call:
Phone Numbers: (02) 856-7451, 215-8080
Mobile numbers: 0917-8860646, 0925-8664433

Visit the clinic:
Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetics and Lifestyle Solutions by Dr. Kyla Talens
3rd Level, The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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