Visibly Smooth and Oil-Free Skin with Skin Philosphie’s Laser Genesis

We are all born with smooth and oil-free skin. But as we grow, we develop certain habits and engage in various lifestyles that can cause breakouts, enlarged pores and oily skin. And more often than not, these skin conditions become irreversible. Well, that was before.

I have an oily skin and have enlarged pores. At least an hour after I washed my face, my skin feels greasy. Each time the skin becomes oily, I would wash my face again or during “emergencies” when the washroom is nowhere, an face oil remover film or the oil control film comes to the rescue.

So I have resorted to open pores treatment before and used special formulations to address the excessive oiliness of my skin but I didn’t see any significant results. The moment I stopped using the products, the skin becomes oily again. And oily skin is very prone to pimples, skin irritation that can lead to acne. And I find these kind of remedies for my skin type quite cumbersome, and don’t address the root cause of the problem.

Being a road and trail runner and ultramarathoner, trainings and races expose me to loads of dirt, dust and UV rays, not to mention the sweat that dries up in the skin. Sunblocks and dried up sweat in the skin can get seated down and clog the already enlarged skin pores. The bacteria can then cause irritation and skin inflammation and lead to various skin problems.

I don’t use facial cleansers and toners because I am always exposed to the sun. The most that I can do to make sure I don’t get pimples, I make sure to wash my face. While I don’t get much of the pimples, the skin remains oily and I have open pores.

Now, Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetics and Lifestyle Solutions by Dr. Kyla Talens can turn back the hands of time with the new technology in skin treatment – the Laser Genesis. With the use of laser technology, the treatment targets enlarged and open pores in the face. The treatment will result to tightened skin pores, firm and oil-free skin. You can go ahead and flaunt that radiant and glowing skin.

Getting ready for the facial, followed by Laser Genesis treatment at Skin Philosophie.

Getting ready for the facial, followed by Laser Genesis treatment at Skin Philosophie.

I’m done with the first treatment and I can already experience a significant improvement. My skin has become a lot less oily. That means no more frequent washing. I can now do away with the face oil remover and oil control films, too! And the good thing about this treatment is that there’s no downtime. After the treatment, there’s just a little redness on the treated area and the redness doesn’t last for more than 24 hours. You can go back to your regular activities after the treatment. But it is suggested not to stay long under the sun, or use exfoliants for at least three days. Sunblocks and moisturisers are recommended.

Follow me in my journey to a clear, oil-free and visibly smooth skin with Laser Genesis only by Skin Philosophie.

For appointment, please call Skin Philosophie by Dr. Kyla Talens:
Phone Numbers: (02) 856-7451, 215-8080, 267-5933 or 211-8762.
Mobile numbers: 0917-8860646, 0925-8664433 or 0917-8664433

Visit the clinic:
Skin Philosophie by Dr. Kyla Talens
3rd Level, The Fort Strip
28th Street corner 7th Ave.,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

*To achieve the best results, Laser Genesis treatment should be done for at least six to ten sessions.


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