ITU Certified Coach Jojo Macalintal Launches Triathlon Coaching Program

From individual sports such as swimming, cycling and running, people have resorted to multisport as part of their active lifestyle. Combining and doing all these three sports in succession in a single event may seem a long shot. For most, triathlon is a very tough sport. Yes, it is a tough sport, and it is no different from other sports. With proper training and coaching, triathlon is a sport that one will truly embrace from swim start to the finish line.

Triathlon Team Trimac with Coach Jojo Macalintal

Triathlon Team Trimac with Coach Jojo Macalintal

For beginners, a mere mention of the word triathlon can trigger a myriad of questions. You and I may have the same questions boiling up in our minds right now. You may be asking “how long does it take to be train and be ready for the first race?” “I’m a professional and I don’t have much time to train and I don’t know how to swim, can I still do triathlon?” “How much does the training cost?” These are just a few of those questions hounding your head right now, and there could be a lot more. Yes?

This summer, get your questions answered as top triathlete and International Triathlon Union (ITU) certified coach Jojo Macalintal takes you to the world of triathlon.

Popularly known in the triathlon community as Coach Jomac, Macalintal has 18 years of experience in triathlon coaching and competition. Coach Jomac has been in every nook and cranny of the sport as competitor, coach and organizer.

As the owner and founder of Trimac Coach, and the strong pillar of the triathlon team Trimac, Coach Jomac launches a curriculum for beginner, intermediate and advance triathletes in a bid to complement the country’s campaign to send Filipino triathletes to future Olympic Games.

The three-month program for each category will prepare the participants according to their fitness levels. The program begins on April 4, 2016, at the AS parking lot at the University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City.

‘‘As local triathlon grows, Trimac would like to extend its knowledge to help provide solid basic skills and hone talents,’’ Coach Jomac expressed.

“Anyone can be a triathlete. Kids, students, housewives and mothers, and office workers and even whole families who aim just to be physically fit can swim, bike and run any distance, from sprints and mini-sprints to Olympic and Ironman distances under a good triathlon coach with a good program. Trainees may qualify as members of Team Trimac, one of the oldest and most active triathlon teams in the country.” he further added.

Coach Jojo Macalintal has coached scores of triathletes in all levels and ages, from beginners to elite and national athletes, and from youngsters to seniors. The program can accommodate affiliated and non-affiliated triathletes who wish to improve. Assisted by a pool of coaches, Macalintal will not only train beginners and turn them into triathletes; he will also train triathletes to be more competitive.

Macalintal is certified as coach by the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and was selected Coach of the Year twice, in 2011 and 2012, by the, the country’s most popular multisport website. His team Trimac was Triathlon Team of the Year in 2011 and his program continues to churn out top-level age-group and elite and youth triathletes.

Also a certified spinning and TRX instructor, Macalintal also turned promising youths into national pool triathletes under the pioneering Trimac Kids program. Currently, he overseas the grassroots Batang Tri program, which trains poor but promising youths under the sponsorship of Seafood Island with the support of other sponsors like Brooks Running.

Trimac Coaching hopes to help a lot of newcomers at the sport with this program. After observing the impressive performances of youngsters in the IronKids part of the recent Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 Triathlon in Subic last weekend, Macalintal said it won’t be long before the country’s ever-growing triathlon community will produce a competitor who will compete in the Olympic Games.

Interested applicants can contact us through 09158947693 or at 09778236529 or drop a message to Coach Jojo Macalintal at Facebook.

Corporate supporters of the program are Brooks, TYR, Gu Gels, Apotheca, KLEAN and Unilab Active Health.


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