Sierra to Ultra – 50K Ultramarathon

Runners are the kind of individuals who always crave for something new to challenge themselves. Like Caoch Roel Ano, he’s always looking for ways to give runners the best experience when they join a race. And from the usual Manila to somewhere out of town, there’s something this time. Say, what about from Sierra Madre in Tanay to Ultra (PhilSports Complex) in Pasig? It’s a 50k ultramarathon that will let you experience running on a less travelled road from Tanay down to the metro. Well, it won’t hurt to condition your mind that it could be a little more than 50 kilometres.

Sierra Madre to Ultra 50k Ultramarathon is happening on March 19-20, 2016. Do you have the guts to take on the challenge? Register now!

Race Details:Sierra to Ultra Race Rules

Finisher’s Shirt:Sierra to Ultra Shirt

You still have at least four weeks to work on your mileage. See you on race day!

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