On Spotlight: Miguel Kristoffer Competente, Jr. NBA Philippines All Star 2011

One of the things I look forward to during the Jr. NBA-WNBA presented by Alaska Philippines Tip-off ceremony is meeting the program alumni. And I’m so glad that I always get the opportunity to sit down with them for a small talk.

From his hometown in Davao, Miguel Christopher Competente travelled al the way to Cebu City on his back in 2011 for the Jr. NBA Philippines presented by Alaska Regional Selection Camp. Well, all his trainings and practices and his parents effect paid off. He advanced to the National Training Camp, and made it to the Top 10 Jr. NBA Philippines All Star Team.

Miguel Competente, Jr. NBA Philippine All Star 2011

Miguel Competente, Jr. NBA Philippine All Star 2011

How old are you when you started playing basketball?
Miguel Competente: I started playing basketball maybe when I was 5 years old. My dad’s the one who taught me to play basketball.

Was there an instance that made you think about quitting basketball?
Miguel: Maybe when it’s a bad game or when I lose focus. But I would think about why I started.

What kind of support did you get from your parents?
Miguel: My parents are very supportive. I joined the Jr. NBA Philippines Regional Selection Camp in 2011. I was 14. And there was no Jr. NBA Regional Selection Camp in Davao that time. My parents booked me a flight for Cebu just so I can join.

What is the impact of Jr. NBA Philippines on you?
Miguel: It really did change my life. Because there were a lot of opportunities.

What have you learned from the program?
Miguel: The STAR values. Respect for coaches, other players, parents.

On Jr. NBA Experience:
Miguel: We went to Hong Kong. It was fun. We really had a good time and we learned a lot. We felt like NBA players for a week. It feels great to be part of the Jr. NBA Philippines program.

What is your message to all aspiring young basketball players?
Miguel: First, if they want to quit, just remember how they started. And don’t give up. There’s any vacant time, they should work hard. There are always a lot of people who make sure they get better everyday.

Miguel currently plays varsity basketball for University of Sto. Tomas.

There you go, kids! If you have the passion and love for the sport, be determined like Miguel Competente and be a Champion!


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