A Look Back at 2015: Giving Back

In 2015, there were only a handful of races that I participated in. But not having joined a lot of races was compensated when I found myself coaching the kids of Liksi Runners of Sto. Niño, Marikina together with Mommy Ems and Daddy Ron and Arian. On weekends that I have a spare time, I would schedule a running clinic with them. And with the help of my friends in a PR agency, I was able to secure a race kits for them for a the Alaska Family Run. And I’m so happy that one of them was able to make a podium finish.

Leading the cool down stretch after our weekend training with the Liksi Runners of Sto. Niño, Marikina.

With Liksi Runners

Coaching them was one of the most fulfilling efforts I’ve done. Seeing their eagerness to learn and improve their skills motivated me to continue my advocacy and spare time for them.

I was honoured to have been invited as a resource speaker for running at the Cambridge Child Development Centre. As it was my first time, I was a bit adamant to accept the job but I said to myself that the knowledge I have learned in all four years of my running will be insignificant unless I shared it. And so I did commit myself to the job. After introductions were made, that’s when I realised that the kids, aged 4 to 5 years old, have all been waiting for me because they were all excited! We did a short warm up and some stretching routines, and a mini-race. Looking at the kids’ faces, I know that they enjoyed the mini-running clinic and they all had fun as much as I did.

IMG_20150714_100825Thank you, Teacher Irish, for the great opportunity to impart with the children the importance of active lifestyle in order to stay healthy, and instill values that sports such as running can help to mold a child’s character.

As a runner, to be a pacer is one of the items in my bucket list. I have been chosen as one of the pacers for the Run United series, starting with Run United 2 (32km), Run United Philippine Marathon (42km) and the Run United Recovery Run (10km). Being a pacer is not an easy task like what others perceived it to be. It is a responsibility that I have accepted to help other runners Exceed themselves. Aside from motivating the runners to keep on, along with my fellow pacers, I had to make sure that they also focus on proper nutrition and hydration. I had to check on them if they can still keep up with the pace group, and if they fall a little behind, motivate them and run alongside with them to keep their momentum going.

Run United Pacer Photo

It always felt great to see runners exceed themselves. Some may not have been able to keep up with the pace group they chose, but the good thing is that they tried. Like what I would repeatedly say, “Train well and come back stronger.”

Huge thanks to Ma’am Zen, Mommy Vimz, and Bards for always looking after us during these races. Thank you, Unilab!

I also joined my running team – Ayala Triads, as one of the pacers for the The Bull Run sessions. While most of the participants of TBR are already into running, helping them get over their apprehensions about taking on the challenge of a half marathon or marathon was my way of giving back to the running community.

It’s been a fulfilling 2015. Thanks for the opportunity to Give Back to the running community.

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