A Look Back at 2015: The Partnerships

The year has been a roller coaster ride. And at times, the ride can be so bumpy. The tough challenge of going up could sometimes seem unbearable. But with a little push, hard work and a lot of faith, you get to the top. The thrilling feeling of reaching the top is indescribable and overwhelming. Like a roller coaster, the ride goes down. The feeling of being at your lowest could be so damn hard and difficult. And sometimes, there’s just no one to turn to. But it is at this point that life gives us not just one reason to look at a brighter side. Unlike the roller coaster that once the ride goes down it comes to an end, our life doesn’t. The journey continues because there are simply too many reasons to love life and be happy about it.

With so many things that have transpired in the last 365 days, these are the highlights of my 2015 as a runner and as a blogger.


The year kicked off really well. First, I got signed up as one of the brand ambassadors for Lightwater. Whilst it’s not one of those celebrity endorsement kind of thing, it helped boost my confidence. Being an almost anonymous face in the running community, the brand has taken notice of me. Lightwater provided support during my out of town ultramarathons with my running team. I would wake up to Lightwater and Vitamin Boost being delivered to my doorstep. And during races where Lightwater is the hydration partner, I would eventually see myself at the booth handing out bottles of Lightwater and Vitamin Boost to the finishers. Thank you, Ma’am Nhorie, Ma’am Lea and Ma’am Maila!


It was also during the first quarter of the year that I got involved in an online project for Skin Philosophie. After the program ended, Skin Philosophie and I continued the partnership promoting affordable luxury for skin treatments. Thanks to Dr. Kyla Talens and all the staff, Ma’am Grace Talens and Tito Mario. Thank you, Ma’am Janette Toral and Ma’am Sherlane.


Being one of the Pinoyfitness “originals”, I didn’t have any second thoughts about saying yes when Jeff Lo asked me to be one of the running ambassadors for the brand. Joining several other ambassadors, running has never been this fun! My running buddy and I even made the top 5 in a buddy run, which won us some grocery items and GCs. With Pinoyfitness, I no longer run alone. Thanks for sending over the singlets and for the race kits, too!


Wearing Soleus was just a wish when I got into running. And this wish became a reality when Ma’am Judith Staples invited me to brand’s event launch. I felt so honoured to to wear the brand’s shirt and the Soleus GPS Fly running watch. One thing I love about the Soleus Team is that they’re more than being my friends, they’re a family!

It was truly an honour and a privilege to be on the frontline for your brands. Thank you so much!

2 Responses to A Look Back at 2015: The Partnerships

  1. Glad to have the opportunity of working with you. Keep me posted on your blogging adventures. Have a great 2016. 🙂

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