The KLCC Park and The Runner in Me

Having a few hours of me-time after checking in at Corus Hotel, I unpacked a few clothes, took a little nap and geared up to do some loops at the nearby KLCC Park. For this trip, I have purposely included running on top our itinerary, which I have successfully squeezed in in our tight daily schedule. While in Kuala Lumpur, I don’t want to miss the chance of running along its roads and parks. I googled some nice running spots near the hotel, and a few good posts referred me to go to KLCC Park.

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I actually had to ask some locals for direction on how to get there. And it’s right behind the Suria KL, which is a shopping mall and the Petronas Towers. Take a morning walk around the park to start your day, or spend a quiet afternoon in one of the benches, or feel the cool breeze touching your skin at night time while watching the Petronas Towers come to life. There’s also a children’s playground where kids can interact with other kids of their age.

Taking a few more steps, I reached the running track which was made of material used in track ovals. Although some portions of the track were made of cement also. A single loop of the entire track is 1.3 kilometres. Waiting sheds, benches and water fountains are strategically positioned along the track. Just bring your water bottle and you don’t need to worry about getting dehydrated.

Trees abound in this area, which makes it perfect for runners despite being located in the heart of the city. Think about running in a mini-forest. That’s how it feels like. Or maybe,that’s how I felt like. As a haven for runners and running enthusiasts, a patch of uphill can certainly cause you to work out a little bit more. But you also get rewarded with some downhill and flat terrains. I came across with a diverse group of runners who train at the KLCC Park. Some train on their own. Others train with their running group.

At half past 5 in the afternoon, the air felt a little humid. Just before the digital clock in a nearby tower read 6, a heavy rain fell. Good thing I was already done with a 6k run. So, I decided to head to back to the hotel under a heavy downpour.

Being in another country, or any place for that matter, should not stop us from living a healthy and active lifestyle. Just make sure that to include some running clothes and at least a pair of running shoes in your luggage.

I’m happy for the opportunity to have run in one of Kuala Lumpur’s favourite running spots. Being a “stranger”, I never felt alienated. People are so accommodating. It gave me a new perspective on the port that we all love. Running transcends all races, skin colour or the language we speak.

The following day, I read Philip’s post about running at the KLCC Park, too! Ah, runners!

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