SpeEd Unlimited: A Very Special Run

What does it mean to be special?

Each individual is unique. Each person is special in one way or another. Some individuals were born with a special gift, a God-given talent, a capability that is so unique and different from most of us. And in a society that we live in, being special means there’s something in a person that does not conform to some normal attributes. And it’s sad to know that some people look at these attributes as some form of abnormality.

While not everyone was born with such special talent, it’s high time to raise public awareness that being special is not uncommon and individual born with it should not be treated differently.

In line with this advocacy, in behalf of Child’s World, I am inviting you dear friends and runners to join the SpeEd Unlimited Run happening on January 31, 2016.

SpeEd Unlimited: A Very Special Run
31 January 2016, 4am
CCP Complex, Pasay City

Registration Details:

Race Categories Registration Fee Inclusions
16k P800.00 Singlet, Bib, Medal Finisher’s Shirt
10k P650.00 Singlet, Bib, Medal
5k P550.00
1k P350.00 Singlet, Bib, Medal. *Special child participatn may get an additional free bib and free registration for one guardian. Please present a SPED ID.

Where to Register:
Garmin Glorietta 5
Stamina Gym – Malibay, Pasay City

While this is a charity race event, the organisers would also like to recognise runners who are trained well and prepared for this race. Though the prizes are minimal in value, top three finishers in the following categories will receive the following:

Prizes: 16k 10k 5k
First Place P2,500.00 P2,000.00 P1,500.00
Second Place P2,000.00 P1,500.00 P1,000.00
Third Place P1,500.00 P1,000.00 P750.00

For more updates, please visit: http://www.facebook.com/SpeEdunLIMITed
The Child’s World: http://www.thechildsworld.net
Telephone Number: (02) 712-4722


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  1. thank you very much for your support

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