Young Football Players Take on the Challenge of Impossible Move Manila

Impossible Move Manila Participants with Coaches Charlie Sutcliffe and Mark McMahon.

Impossible Move Manila Participants with Coaches Charlie Sutcliffe and Mark McMahon.

Football has become one of the best loved sports among sports enthusiasts in the country. Aside from being a highly competitive sport, football is also fast gaining fans for the strategy, teamwork, and high-impact exercise involved. Hence, regardless of the level of proficiency of any player, it’s really not difficult to understand why football has become one of the most beloved sport here in the country.

As in any sport, learning the basics is fundamental and essential to success. However, to limit oneself within the boundaries of what’s only possible is a huge hurdle on achieving greatness and conquering your own fears.

Jamba Juice, the world’s go-to source of better-for-you beverages and food made from sustainably sourced fresh produce, spearheaded the “Impossible Move Manila”, which is the first of a series of sports activities that will dare participants to go beyond their own capabilities.

The event kicked off with an exciting football face-off challenge at the The Turf in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The event aimed to challenge and inspire individuals to exceed what they think they are capable of, and was participated in by football players from all levels of aptitude to show what they are truly made of. Young and up-coming joined football coaches Charlie Sutcliffe and Mark McMahon in a day of challenging yet fun-filled activities while learning basic and advanced football skills.

It was humid and hot at mid-day, but the young footballers played with gusto during the tournament. Their endurance was more than remarkable. It was beyond normal. Can that be attributed to the fact that prior to drills and the games, all the participants had their dose of the healthy and energy-boosting Jamba Juice specially blended by Coach Charlie? Each serving of Jamba Juice has the necessary nutrients that help boost and sustain their stamina needed to fuel them up for the game.

Participants doing football drills.

Participants doing football drills.

Why is Jamba Juice involved in a sport that these young people love?

“I know you guys love football. And Jamba Juice loves football as well. We want to be able to say that anytime there’s a green space, that’s you guys. That’s your space. Because that’s where you have fun, that’s where your energy comes alive, and that’s where your passion is,” said Ms. Sharon Fuentebella, Max’s Group Incorporated (MGI) Executive Vice President.

“We want the young generation of Filipino achievers to continue nurturing their passions and chase after their own personal goals. And we are here to join them and push them to do just that,” shared Ms. Fuentebella.

“Jamba Juice hopes to empower Filipinos to reach their goals and become achievers. By engaging communities through activities, such as ‘Impossible Move Manila,’ we want to showcase the fun, well-rounded lifestyle that we know Filipinos truly aspire for,” added Ms. Fuentebella.

Impossible Move Manila Top Achievers with Coaches Mark McMahon & Charlie Sutcliffe

Impossible Move Manila Top Achievers with Coaches Mark McMahon & Charlie Sutcliffe

The event concluded with a simple awarding ceremony at Jamba Juice in BGC to recognise the top achievers during the mini-tournament.

Congratulations Jamba Juice for a great event, participants for a well played game and to all the coaches for sharing your skills and knowledge.

Until the next Impossible Move Manila!

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