Letting in Arla’s Natural Dairy Goodness in the Homes of Filipinos

As Filipinos begin to adopt a more refined taste, their gastronomic choices now border on safe, traceable, natural, and reliable. But for the average Filipino household, finding real food to serve to the table can be an everyday struggle. It’s hard to find the right and reliable product you know you can trust.

It’s a good thing Arla Foods, the world’s largest multinational farmer-owned organicairy company, now makes it easy for Filipinos to go natural with the first Philippine and Southeast Asian launch of a completely new line of dairy products made from 100% natural milk and ingredients.

Farmer-owned Food, for Families to Love

In the 1880’s, dairy farmers in Europe began forming smallscale cooperatives to yield produce of higher quality. Since then, those small groups have grown to form what is now known as Arla Foods, the number one farmer-owned organic dairy company in the world.

Arla’s strength is that it’s farmer-owned. “That means we govern the whole value chain – from the raw milk, to the transportation, and production facilities. “We have 100% control of raw material we use,” shares Jens Christian Krog, Arla Foods Senior General Manager for Philippines, Vietnam & Thailand. This not only substantiates Arla’s 100% all-natural claim, it also enables them to consistently optimize and develop farming methods, while securing high standards.

Safety & Care in Every Step

“Arla not only lives up to Danish standards, they have also managed to surpass strict European Union measures. What Arla presents is the very best of Danish culture and principles,” shared Jan Top Christensen, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Denmark to the Philippines, who was on hand to say a few words about Arla.

“We find that simple isn’t necessarily easy,” shares Jens. “Creating great natural-tasting products takes innovation and skill – but not many ingredients. Arla is known for going that extra mile. “ Arla’s farmer-owned structure ensures that consumers can count on the fact that all their products are traceable and bring food safety. All farms have a number that accompanies all records and analyses from tanker to dairy. Not only does this guarantee transparency, it also allows us to trace the milk all the way back to the farms, should there be any cause for concerns.

The secret to Arla’s natural goodness lies in the company’s belief that quality starts by having access to the best raw material, their world class, hormone-free milk. This is brought even further with the brand’s quality assurance method called Arlagaarden (pronounced as Arla-Gon; garden meaning farm). The four Arlagaarden cornerstones are: ensuring that milk composition is perfectly balanced and that freshness is preserved, implementing a high level of hygiene to keep offering consumers food safety in every product, striving to improve animal welfare through optimal care and animal-friendly environments, and protecting the environment.

Moreover, the cows from Arla are cared for by knowledgeable staff and are inspected on a daily basis. Arla farmers are prohibited to use hormones to boost growth or milk yield. They not only contribute to providing healthy and natural food, they also do it more and more sustainably. With Arlagaarden, the dairy cooperative sets the bar higher beyond even the already stringent EU regulations in terms of environmental impact of farming, animal welfare, food safety & traceability. “Our dedication to innovation allows us to take milk, a high quality raw material, and through it, make products that are natural and tasteful without adding any additives, preservatives or colorants,” Mr. Krog adds.

A Taste of All-Natural Dairy

Arla Cheese SlicesArla’s new lines of dairy products are made from 100% natural milk obtained straight from the cows cared for by its farmers. “Our happy cows produce happy milk – and our happy milk is used for our Arla Natural Goodness range, a range that doesn’t have stabilizers, additives, preservatives, colorants or any artificial flavor,” Jens adds.

Meanwhile, Arla Natural Cheese Slices come in a variety of flavors Filipino families are sure to love. Cheese starters will want to enjoy Arla Natural Gouda Slices, the only Gouda in the market with no added preservatives, colorants, or additives. Its mild and sweet flavor makes for a light snack that pairs well with bread or for flavoring a meal. A nice addition to your household cheese board is Arla’s Natural Mozzarella Slices. With a signature stretch and a creamy yogurt-aromatic taste, it’s the brand’s recommended cheese for homemade pizza pandesal, grilled cheese sandwiches, and other sandwiches made better with melted mozzarella

Produced in Allgaü, Germany’s premier cheese-making region (Allgaü is to Emmental as what Parma is to ham), Arla’s Natural Emmental Slices gives off that aromatic nutty flavor that’s also delicately spicy in taste. Use it in packing your children’s sandwiches for school and watch them come home with a smile. Lastly, Arla’s Natural Havarti Slices, the brand’s banner product, is a cheese based on a Danish recipe by Hanne Nielsen that dates back to the 1870’s. Arla takes pride in being the world’s biggest producer of the mild and very creamy Havarti cheese.

Arla’s Natural Cream Cheese line is filled hot into its tubs and sealed instantly to preserve that 100% no-preservative, no-additive, no-stabilizer, all-natural goodness. From casual get-togethers to afternoon snacks, Arla’s Herbs and Spice Cream Cheese adds that extra oomph to your cooking’s flavor. Arla’s Lacto-Free Natural Cream Cheese variant brings in the full flavor of regular plain cream cheese, but without the milk sugar. This makes it easy for lactose Arla Cream Cheeseintolerant family members to enjoy Arla’s natural cream cheese goodness. Arla’s Natural Light Cream Cheese variant contains the same full flavor but with less fat, perfect for weight-watching eaters. Enjoy the flavor of Arla’s Natural Cream Cheese line minus the additives and preservatives that most cream cheeses have in the market today.

Last but not the least, Filipinos will want to dip into a blend of sweetness and acidity with Arla’s Pineapple Cream Cheese. The variant that rated highest in Filipino taste tests conducted by the brand, Pineapple cream cheese is sure to make waves in the landscape of Pinoy desserts. More than that, it can also serve as a delicious spread that’s a lot more natural and free from additives, preservatives, and colorants than most jams, marmalades and peanut butters in the market today.

Going on 30 years strong in the country, Arla Foods continues to bring natural dairy with the highest possible nutritional value to the tables of Filipinos nationwide. “If it’s Arla, you can be assured that we have produced it as natural as possible,” ends Jens.


About Arla

“Arla Foods is an international dairy company owned by 13,000 farmers from Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. Arla Foods is one of the strongest players in the international dairy arena, with a wide range of dairy products of highest quality. Well-known brands like Arla®, Lurpak® and Castello® belongs to the Arla family. Arla Foods is also the world’s largest manufacturer of organic products.

For more information on Arla Foods, follow their local Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ArlaPH and on Instagram via @arla_PH

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