Be Merry This Holiday Season as Part of Teletech-Sta. Rosa!

Teletech LobbyHave you always wanted to get a job, but companies turn you down because you don’t have the experience, or you are undergraduate? It is a sad reality that some job seekers can’t get a job because of these reasons.

Rarely there are few companies, such as BPOs that are willing to take in these prospective employees, as long as they have the necessary skills to carry on the tasks that their job requires.

With the country’s information technology-business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry rapidly growing in the Philippines, where the forecasted growth rate is 12 – 15% annually, TeleTech – Sta Rosa in Laguna is gearing up for a huge spike in growth this Q4 with aggressive hiring of 300+ agents to support a new and exciting Online Shopping and Internet-based Retail account.

This US-based Fortune 100 Company is projecting higher call volumes beginning December 2015 through Q1 2016 due to the upcoming Christmas Holidays.  Selection and assessments are presently ongoing to fill weekly training classes which commence this October up to mid-November.

With an opportunity to earn up to P19k, this is a great way to create extra income for the holidays!   The role is perfect for part-timers, stay-home moms and undergraduates with flexible class schedules. Basic qualifications include 18 years of age; at least 2 years of college; excellent English conversational skills; and basic knowledge of customer service processes.

Daily Open House Recruitment activities are being held at TeleTech-Sta. Rosa located at 2nd Floor, Robinson’s Place Santa Rosa, Old National Highway, Barangay Tagapo.  For more information, please email your resume to

Game Room in TeletechBut the demands of the job can be cumbersome and more often that not, stressful. To help address this issue, Teletech provides a cosy game room equipped with a billiards table and a sofa where employees can lounge around during their break or free hours.

As the holiday season is fast approaching, not to mention bills to be settled, gifts for godchildren, friends, families and loved ones, get yourself employed. Rightfully earn what you work for.

Be hired today!
Join Teletech!


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