Run your 42k with Confidence

Yet, once again, we are at a time when runners are converging in one of the most anticipated running events of the year – the final installment in the Run United Trilogy, the Run United Philippine Marathon. This race is the culmination of the runners’ year-long training.

It’s very apparent that just a few days before the big day, runners are getting excited. And come race day, some can’t event get a decent sleep, some are nervous, while others are getting stomach cramps before and during the race. Because of anxiety that runners feel, they tend to over eat and some suffer indigestion. These conditions that some runners feel could trigger what is called the runner’s trot. Runner’s trot, in a layman’s term, is a condition when a runner experiences the urgent need to go to the bathroom. Runners try to avoid these pit stops as they greatly affect their race performance.

And if you think this is unavoidable? Think again, because you can!

Runner’s trot can be avoided by sticking to your race day nutrition plan, avoiding high-fibre foods on your pre-race meal, take your meal at least two hours before the race, and by staying calm. But if these still don’t work, there’s one solution that will help you run with confidence.

Take 1 capsule of Diatabs 1 hour before your race to prevent unnecessary bowel movement especially during your run. And feel good every kilometre of the race.

Contrary to the common misconception that taking Diatabs will result to irregular bowel movement for the few days or so, Diatabs and all its composition is released from your system after 24 hours.

Run worry free. Run with confidence.

Para iwas sa kubeta, mag-Diatabs bago ang karera.

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