A Run with the Class of Clans

Nailed a supposedly 10-miler this morning. But based on Soleus GPS Fly, the distance is 1 kilometre short. Nonetheless, the event started with an easy breezy feeling. It’s not uncommon to spot a lot of familiar faces at the race venue, and along the route. While running along Roxas Blvd., a continuous gust of cold wind was blowing from Manila Bay, the rain clouds hovering us.

Though quite a simple and familiar route, it never occurred to me that it was an easy one. A couple of fly-overs along the route, which the runners had to take on not only once, but twice, was always a challenge for me. But since I have since loved the uphills, I faced these portions of the route head on.

Coming back from the turn around point, it’s always a delight exchanging goodlucks, smiles, salutes and cheers with fellow runners. And despite having minor pain on both calves, which I felt would aggravate into muscle cramps, I kept on telling myself that it’s all about mind over body. A running philosophy that I learned from one of my mentors, Coach Mherlz Lumagbas. And when necessary, I stopped by the hydration station, took a sip and pour some on my head and on face to feel more energised. But with all due respect to the race organiser, for a such race distance, there was an ample amount of hydration station properly scattered along the route. There were even stations that had bananas!

Crossing the finish line has always been the best part of every race that I participated in. Even I have been racing for a good number of times, there’s no other kind of feeling each time I ran past the finish line arch. I know that I’m not an elite runner nor a seasoned runner, but I always feel good whenever I receive the finisher’s medal.

And to cap off the race, small catch ups with friends at the race venue is priceless. I had the chance to hang out with my fellow Pinoyfitness running ambassadors Joric Gonzales, Ja Antenor and Ryan Moral. And how can I afford to miss my Soleus family? Though I’m not part of the team, Ma’am Judith Staples and everyone at Soleus had always treated me like one of them.

And what better way to finally conclude the race? Meeting the Team TriGear kids and their parents at the Luneta Park on my way home.

What the race may have lacked in terms of the distance was compensated by how the race was organised. Personally, it was rather well-organised. It was festive. It was fun. More importantly, it was one for keeps.

Great to see you all, lads at the race! Hope you all had a great time. Congratulations!


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