ASICS Running Watch: Redefining What the Running Watch Should Be

It’s high time that you meet this new generation of running watches – the Asics running watches. Asics running watches are designed to suit the needs of every runner whether you’re an elite, a seasoned runner, a recreational or lifestyle runner, certainly there’s one that perfectly matches you and your personality.

Each watch is designed for easy operability – from the easy to read display, well laid out buttons, memory, and even colours! The features are fully functional for easy tracking of your trainings, to keep you up on your pace if you’re gunning for a new PR, or make sure you’re on time so you won’t miss your schedule. You can even upload your running data by downloading the Asics app so you can keep a record of your finish times. A night mode will keep you posted with your current PR or lap distance during night or early morning runs.

What are the characteristics of a running watch that you’re looking for? With each Asics running watch, you get more than your money’s worth.


1.Button Layout Facilitates Easy Operation
The Start/Stop button can be operated with the right thumb while the runner grasps the left wrist with the right hand – an easy, intuitive procedure. The lap button placed visibly below the dial allows similarly reliable operation.

2.Easy to Press Large Start/Stop Button
The Start/Stop button at the lower left side is large enough to press easily, without mishandling even while running.

3.Information Display for Easy Reading
The widest possible liquid crystal display makes all the data the runner needs easy to see and recognise. A special display mode expands the readout using two display rows, providing exceptionally visibility while running.

4.Evolution in Memory
Lap data for up to 500 laps can be stored in a non-volatile memory. Lap information will not be lost even if the watch goes off or the battery is changed. *A type of non-volatile memory used for computers, which retains data without a power source. Data could be lost if the watch is damaged.

1. 500 Lap Memory: the number of lap/split times that can be recorded by the watch.
2. Dual Time: time in two time zones can be displayed.
3. 3-Channel Daily Alarm: three alarm channels are available, which can be set toring daily at three different times.
4. Double Repeat Timer: two timers can be set to count down for different amount of time, and they repeat counting down alternately. When one time completes the countdown, warning sound rings as the other starts counting down the set time.
5. Memo Input: alphabets, numerals and symbols can be input to attach information to the stored data. Example: event name, date, etc.
6. 5 Bar/10 Bar Water Resistance: water resistance refers to the water pressure a wacth can withstand; it is not a direct statement of how deep under the water the watch can go.
7. 3-Year Battery Life: battery life is based on use under normal conditions. Battery life varies depending on how frequently chronograph and backlight functions are used.
8. Non-Volatile Memory: a type of non-volatile memory used for computers, which retains data without a power source.

With all the functionality and excellent design, Asics watches are a must for every runner who wants to meet his goals without compromising your hard-earned money. And to know which watch is the right one for you, click HERE for ASICS Running Watch Guide.

So, if you’re looking for a running watch that’s not hard on the pocket, grab an Asics watch today.


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