Cyclists Gear Up at the Alaska Cycle Philippines

On its second year since the inaugural Alaska Cycle Philippines in 2014, cyclists of all ages gathered for another fun-filled event at SM MOA open grounds on May 16-17, 2015, which kicked off with the expo held at Microtel Inn & Suites.

To address the increasing concern on poor nutrition especially among the children, Alaska headlines the annual Alaska Cycle Philippines to further spread awareness on the important role of proper nutrition in helping children become champions in life, through sports.

Featuring young and upcoming cyclists, first time bike riders, junior triathletes and cycling enthusiasts, Alaska Cycle Philippines gathered children and their families on May 16, 2015, for a healthy non-competitive bike ride.

Highlights of the event include the 100 metre and 500 metre fun rides for the little ones aged 2 to 3 and 4 to 5 years old, respectively, with  each rider accompanied by an adult. Mini-bikes and trikes in different forms and sizes paraded towards the start line, with their respective riders. Along with other children her age, Anika debuted as a cyclist in her Disney princess inspired mini-trike.

Watching them was entertaining. While they all thought that everything was only just play, these little riders were apparently oblivious that they have already shown a bit of their competitiv side. All at such a very young age, with their parents cheering non-stop from start to finish.

Paolo Guidicelli wrapping up his 5km ride.

Paolo Guidicelli wrapping up his 5km ride.

The 5km Kids Ride was joined in by more trained children aged 6 to 9 years of age. Paolo Guidicelli, who recently made a debut in the world of multisport through Alaska Ironkids, impressively finished his 5km bike ride. While it was a non-competitive event, still Paolo couldn’t help but to stay on top of his game. His Dad Gianluca can’t be any prouder than his mom Glena and triathlete sister Giorgia, who have been cheering him on.

In order to cater to riders of all ages, Sunrise Events, Inc. designed a more challenging category for riders 10 to 12 years old – the Junior Challenge, which is a 30-minute bike ride. In this category, each participant can cover as many kilometres as he can within the 30 minute window.

Alaska Ironkids Finishers Una Sibayan, Wacky Baniqued and their teammates at Team TriGear.

Alaska Ironkids Finishers Una Sibayan, Wacky Baniqued and their teammates at Team TriGear.

Since doing a coverage of Alaska Ironkids races in 2012, seeing familiar faces in events like the Alaska Cycle Philippines is not uncommon. For one, coming all the way from Laguna with their parents in tow, Una Sibayan and Wacky Baniqued headlined the Team Tri-Gear in the Junior Challenge. Coming off from the finish line arc, Ted Jacob Laminta, who made a podium in the Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon in March, completed his 30-minute bike ride smoothly.

Day 2 of the event saw more cyclists joining the event – from the Community Ride, Foldies and The Challenge categories. This is also the event for the parents who accompanied their little ones the previous day.

The Challenge category was a 40 kilometre ride and was participated in by more seasoned cyclists and triathletes. The route took the riders to a safe a technically challenging route in the metro.

Alaska Tri-Aspire's Jenny Guerrero, Banjo Norte, Paul Jumamil & JC Abad

Alaska Tri-Aspire’s Jenny Guerrero, Banjo Norte, Paul Jumamil & JC Abad

Though not a race category, Alaska Tri-Aspire’s youngest triathlete, JC Abad, was the top finisher who completed the route in roughly two hours. Seconds behind him is Paul Jumamil. Jenny Guerrero and Banjo Norte came in with lead pack – all representing the Alaska Tri-Aspire Triathlon team.

Professional triathlete and Coach Matt O’Halloran purposely enjoyed the bike ride with Alaska Milk Corporation CEO Fred Uytengsu and Spectrum Worldwide’s Chris Robb.

Giorgia Guidicelli, Mr. Fred Uytengsu, Gianluca Guidicelli, Victor Basa and the rest of Team Fordza.

Giorgia Guidicelli, Mr. Fred Uytengsu, Gianluca Guidicelli, Victor Basa and the rest of Team Fordza.

Giorgia and dad Gianluca Guidicelli joined the Challenge category. Also joining in the category is actor Victor Basa.

In continuing its commitment to help Filipinos, especially the young ones achieve good nourishment, Alaska Cycle Philippines participants and non-participants alike can have their fill of the refreshingly nutritious milk, both in vanilla and chocolate flavour, at the Alaska Milk Bar. Drinking milk after a physical activity like cycling aids in the individual’s faster recovery. Thanks to the essential nutrients found in milk.

Alaska Milk’s “Nutrition. Action. Champion.” campaign comes alive through different Alaska Sports such as the Alaska Cycle Philippines. For updates on Alaska Sports, follow @AlaskaSportsHub on Twitter.

Alaska Cycle Philippines is presented by Alaska, organised by Sunrise Events, Inc. in partnership with Spectrum Worldwide.


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