Looking at the Fun Side of the 4x100m Relay

Four years ago, I did my first ever fun run. And one run led to another, and so on. I have done marathons and ultramarathons, road and trail races. And I can assure you, these runs were all exciting, fun and full of adventures.

But have you ever thought of joining a short distance and a relay at that, such as a 4x100m? Personally, I never thought that after all these four years, I will be joining a relay.


Though I woke up late, I decided to pace myself from where I live in Rosario, Pasig to PhilSports Arena where Coach Roel held his Birthday Run 3. The race was ongoing as I saw runners coming in for the finish. There I met The Franc Ramon who asked me if I wanted to do a relay. Thinking that it’s going to be fun, I agreed. Completing the #TeamBloggers were The One Reyna Redge Candido and The Running Diva Roselle Dadal. We hang around with everyone at the finish line area cheering for other racers while waiting for our gun start.

Soon, we were prepped up for our category and took to our respective positions in the track. Franc was our first runner, followed by Redge, then Roselle. I was the last runner.

After the gun start, Franc ran off his part of the distance and handed the baton to Redge. (At this time, the last runners of the other two teams had already crossed the finished line). Roselle took over as soon as Redge completed the second installment of the relay, and was on her way to the 300-metre mark. I moved back some five or 10 metres in preparation for the final sprint to the finish line. Taking the baton from Roselle, in the spirit of the relay, I sprinted as hard as I could. Of course, I knew that it wasn’t at par with the performance of the sprinters.                               

   #TeamBloggers 3rd Place (500x313)

We finished third in our category. But what never occurred to me was that, we raced with the masters and the sprinters, who are the best in short distance races.

We raced the best we can. And we all played well. That I’m sure. It’s a bonus that there were only three competing teams.

The best thing about the race is that we had FUN.

Congratulations to all!


2 Responses to Looking at the Fun Side of the 4x100m Relay

  1. It’s nice teaming with you The Great Jared!


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