Ateneo Run for Your Life 2

Keeping medical students in a scholarship program until they graduate is not easy on the budget for any school, not event for a school like Ateneo de Manila University. And it’s heart-warming to know that Ateneo is doing every possible effort to support the students get through college.

This year, the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASM+PH) is holding a race with an objective to raise funds for their scholars. At the event launch, I had the opportunity to meet two of their scholars, Claudine and Jeremiah. Claudine or Claude is from Tacloban. Up to this day, she has a vivid memory of the devastation Typhoon Yolanda has brought to the people of Tacloban, including her family. Her family was left with almost nothing, except their faith and her dream to become a doctor. Despite the tragedy, Claude didn’t lose hope to become a doctor. Some unexpected turn of events brought Jeremiah’s family to a point that they may no longer be able to financially support him with his aspirations to become a doctor. Thanks to the ASM+PH scholarship program. And with our help, Claude and Jeremy and the rest of the medical students in the program will be able to fulfil their dreams and be the best doctors in our community.

These scholars after they graduate and have become full-pledge doctors are being required to work in the country for at least five years, and help the students in the program in return.

I am inviting you all to join the Ateneo Run for Your Life 2.

Ateneo Run for Your Life 2
1 March 2015, 4:30am
Blue Eagle Gym, ADMU

Race Categories

Race Category Registration Fee Start Time
16k Php850.00 4:45am
10k Php750.00 5:10am
5k Php650.00 5:20am
3k Php500.00 5:30am
500m Php100.00 7:00am

There will be an on-site registration from 1 to 3am on race day.

Registration is on going until February 23, at the following venues:
Runnr BGC
Toby’s MOA, SM North
Ateneo de Manila University Chemistry Department
Ateneo Medical School-Ortigas (next to TMC)

Race kit inclusions: single, race bib

Finisher’s medal awaits 16k finishers.
10k and 16k finishers will get “I Ran for my Life” finisher’s shirt.

Medals and cash prizes also await the top 3 finishers in the 16k, 10k, 5k and3k categories.

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You may also tag @AteneoRFYL2 in your tweets. Use the hashtag #AteneoRFYL2.

Ateneo Run for Your Life 2 16k Route

Ateneo Run for Your Life 2 16k Route

Ateneo Run for Your Life 2 10k route

Ateneo Run for Your Life 2 10k route

See you all on race day!


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