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Athletes and individuals who have active lifestyle always get their bodies beaten at any time because of the sports they’re in or the activities they do. Building endurance can get hard and harsh as the training or workout program progresses, and it is not uncommon to feel muscle soreness and muscle tightness every time the intensity increases. Waking up in the morning with sore muscles could drag you back to bed, and just forget about working out or training. That is something we all want to avoid, especially if you are preparing for a race, a big game, or reaching your goal.

Being off track for at least two days in a row can already lead to a significant drop in your fitness level. And going back into training can feel like you are just starting. First aid treatments some pain relievers help, and can readily alleviate the pain. Although, on a personal note, I strongly suggest not to take pain relievers for common muscle pains. And if they are not addressed properly, can be chronic and worst case scenario, can lead to injuries. Hence, achieving your goals is impeded.

Over the weekend, my plan to complete my seventh marathon to date since I started running in 2011, materialised. Despite the fact that I didn’t have ample training, I had to give it a go. Firstly, because joining the marathon in the national finals has been in my bucket list for a couple of years now. Secondly, this is the first time that I qualified for the national finals, that is, finishing the marathon category within the cut-off time for my age bracket during the Manila eliminations (I finished in 3 hours 52 minutes). So, I don’t want to miss the privilege that some runners can only wish for. Well, they have to train hard for it. I started all fine until I hit the 15th kilometre. Muscle cramps started to build up. The pain comes and goes, and can even be painful, especially when my calves and quad muscles contract. I did finish in under five hours, alright. But walking, especially downstairs, and bending have been a challenge. Even stepping up or stepping down a gutter on the road could send pain stimulus to my brain. I did first aid remedies but with less results.

This blogger undergoing a shockwave therapy in the quads. @PeakFormManila

This blogger undergoing a shockwave therapy in the quads. @PeakFormManila

Visiting PeakForm with calves, quads and lower back pains on a Monday afternoon was a great blessing. After being assessed, the therapist recommended that I undergo a shockwave therapy. This treatment is painless way to release muscle tightness and muscle soreness. It uses a specially calibrated machine that targets only scar tissue, sore muscles and inflamed tendons.

The treatment started at my lower back, then my calves and finally the quads, focusing on the muscles that felt stiff and tight, each affected area getting 1,500 “shocks”. The machine is timed and programmed to produce the same exact number of shocks. There’s a very slight tolerable pain as the machine comes in contact with the affected muscles, which is very common in any form of treatment. The entire treatment could have gone through for just under half an hour. My treatment went through for a little more than half an hour, and that included Q&As with my therapist. For some, the treatment may take a bit longer, depending on the condition of the muscles subjected to therapy.

After the treatment, I didn’t feel any muscle soreness. Five minutes or so later, I could already bend without the strain in my calves. And walking felt like I hadn’t run 42 kilometres!

Treatments and rehabilitation procedures at PeakForm Manila are good not only for athletes and active individuals, but also for people who are confined in front of their desk working their keyboards. Sitting for more than two hours or for a longer period of time could cause muscle strains, target areas are the shoulders and lower back.

Services Offered:

  • Pre/Post-Event Stretching
  • Shockwave Therapy
    A breakthrough in pain management and mobility restoration
  • Ultrasound/Laser Therapy
    Decreases inflammation; aids in improving flexibility
  • Cryo-Therapy
    “Freezes the pain away”; reduces swelling
  • Sports Massage
  • Kinesio-Taping
    Provides support for muscles and stability to joints
  • Acupuncture
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

For treatment inquiries, visit the clinic at:

PeakForm Manila
Unit 807 The Infinity Building
26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel No. (632) 478-9408
Mobile Phone: (63) 916-3534485

Like PeakForm Manila on Facebook:
Twitter and Instagram: @PeakFormManila


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