TeleTech Opens its Doors Closer to the People

Located in the heart of the urbanised Araneta Center in Cubao, TeleTech, a leading global provider of analytics-driven, technology-enabled customer engagement solutions, opens its 17th site at the Gateway Tower.

The new facility sits on the 15th floor of the building, and is equipped with high end amenities – from plasma screens, the employees lounge, huddle and conference rooms, IT hub, clinic, and to the neatly designed workstations, which are coupled with ergonomically designed chairs. Each workstation boasts of the top of the line communication and computer systems to help every employee in performing his tasks.

I, along with a few other bloggers, had the privilege to check out the new TeleTech hub. Thanks to Site Manager Ms. Nel Aaron who, despite already being off-shift, stayed back to meet us and toured us around.

Everything is practically new as the site has been in operation for almost a month. The site offers a very comfortable accommodation to employees who may get stranded due to inclement weather condition. In between shift during break schedules, one can hang around and take a breather at the cosy lounge. And what’s cool about the pantry area? You can have an unobstructed view of the metro skyline while dining at any time of the day. The clear blue skies lightly streaked with stray clouds at noon is just so refreshing, and a guaranteed awesome view of the sky at sunrise or sunset. The Gateway Tower site also comes with consigned self-service convenient store.

TeleTech Gateway Tower Site Manage Ms. Nel Aaron showing us around the new facility.

TeleTech Gateway Tower Site Manager Ms. Nel Aaron showing us around the new facility.

So, there’s the brand new site with brand new facilities. But there’s more to what meets the eyes. Because on top of the competitive compensation and benefits package, TeleTech offers each and every employee not only the nicest amenities and facilities but also company-wide and site-wide employee engagement activities. With the newly-opened site, Ms. Aaron is looking forward to a ramped up employee population until around the first quarter or so of 2015, as more seats are going to be occupied. And that means more jobs.

TeleTech is not just about jobs. It’s about bringing jobs closer to the people.

For interested applicants, please log on on, or send your comprehensive resume to Walk-in? Head over to 15/F Gateway Tower, Araneta Center.


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