Achieve Your Winning Form with Intercare

Running is a high impact activity, and requires consistent and proper training in order to achieve your goals. And for whatever reason you got into running, you must pay attention when you feel any disturbing pain, especially when it is becoming chronic. That way, detection and rehabilitation can be carried out at the onset of the injury, as it would take lesser amount of therapy and time to get back into shape.

Most often than not, as our tolerance for pain increases, we tend to disregard some minor pains, not knowing that it could already lead to something worse and would need medical attention. These medical conditions can be lower back pain, joint pain, or any form of bodily or muscular pains. It is only when the pain becomes a little too unbearable and causing too much discomfort that we resort to rehabilitation. And this is not uncommon to competitive and recreational runners alike. Similarly, this is true for all athletes and other sports enthusiasts.

What could be the common cause of these pains and injuries? One common cause of injuries is the asymmetrical alignment of our body, which could affect our mobility and flexibility, stability and even endurance in any sport that we get into. This could directly and indirectly have an impact on our performance during trainings and very importantly, during the big game.

In this light that Intercare established a multidisciplinary health care centre in the areas of pain management, sports medicine and wellness. Intercare integrates traditional, medically oriented models of care with alternative and complementary methods such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Myotherapy and Rehabilitation Medicine.

For weeks, I have felt a noticeable pain in my lower back whenever I finish a long run, or when I have been standing for long period of time. I was privileged to get an appointment for an assessment and treatment at Intercare. My chiropractor, Jean, who flew in from Malaysia, first made an assessment of my spine alignment; stretched my legs to check for muscle tightness, and at the same time asking relevant questions to better address my lower back pains. Jean did some minor “adjustments” to symmetrically align my body. And even recommended some stretching routine to help improve my flexibility and stability.

A single visit would be good for proper assessment. However, should there be findings, it is best to get treated at the soonest possible convenient time.

Visit Intercare at the following braches: Makati (Kalayaan Ave.), Greenhills (Eisehower St.), Alabang (Westgate Tower).

Contact Intercare:
Phone: (632) 722.1846


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