Automating Business Processes with Salarium

Salarium, a software company focused on making business processes automated recently released SAL_Payroll application, which is consist of three modules namely, Expenses, Pay, Time Attendance and Scheduling.

This new software allows the businesses to track the daily time record of their employees as they clock in and clock out from work. With the integration of fingerprint scanning technology into the software, employees can log in and out without having to enter a user name and password. Business, however, may opt for other forms of employee authentication using RFID badges, user name and password, or employee ID.

The data gathered for each of the employee are then sent to the SAL Pay system which will generate the employee’s payroll at the end of the cut off period. The SAL Pay system automatically calculates the number of hours the employee worked within the specific cut off period, the corresponding deductions based on total number of minutes or hours the employee logged in late for work, and the absences incurred by the employee.

The real-time updating of employees databases allows the businesses to properly manage their employees payroll more accurately and in a more timely manner. Employees will be able to view their time records real-time and may submit a request to modify their time records for any discrepancy.

For business with at least a thousand employees, generating the payrolls can be a daunting task, and having to employ two or three payroll administrators can be costly. On the business perspective, this will help them cut down on operating expenses as the payroll system can significantly reduce the number of hours the payroll personnel will put in in completing and generating the payroll, and the overhead required can also be reduced.

SAL Payroll is a web-based application, and can be best accessed using the latest internet browsers. Hence, any payroll personnel who can’t come to work and needs to finish the payroll can still complete and generate the payroll just in time for the scheduled pay out. Security-wise, business and employees are assured that their data are well-secured in off-site storage facilities, and are backed up in case of any technology glitch.

For interetested businesses, a 30-day free trial can be accessed through the company’s website. Please visit For a free demo request, please send an email to

Salarium has been recognized as the “Best Startup in the Philippines” at Seedstars World Manila 2014. Furthermore, Salarium will represent the country at the competition’s Final Event in Geneva, Switzerland in February 2015.


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