The Professional Blogging Summit

Blogging is not just writing and publishing anything that interests you or your reader. More importantly, blogging is about you – the author. In some instances, we come across things that we find a bit off. And so we started talking about it and posting about it in our social media accounts. Though we say that we are entitled to our own opinion, let’s remember that we have a responsibility to the people who read our blogs. Simply put, we have to have good blogging manners.

Because of the freedom of expression, we forget that not everything we don’t like can be addressed by just directing our rants aimlessly through social media. Having an issue with a particular brand or product, we resort to name calling and what have you, just to release our anger and dissatisfaction. But at the end of the day, our issues don’t get resolved. And what more? It reflects the kind of person or blogger that we are. Unprofessional. Unethical.

Rather than posting our sentiments online, it would be better to talk to the management and have your issues resolved. No harm done. Professional. Civil.

So next time you think about posting something that is not so good, give it a second thought.

This I learned during the recent Professional Blogging Summit held at A. Venue, Makati. I was so impressed with how the #DPOP organisers came up with interesting and informative topics delivered by well-picked resource speakers, which benefitted all bloggers in attendance.

Many thanks for the nice accommodation at A. Venue Mall, Island Rose, SaladBox, and Profriends. It was a great opportunity to learn and to meet fellow bloggers.

Other topics touched base on how to handle criticisms from other bloggers, how to be an effetive blogger, and a primer on social e-commerce.

The Professional Blogging Summit was organised by Janette Toral, Joeff Solas and team.


2 Responses to The Professional Blogging Summit

  1. Thank you Jared for joining the summit.


  2. I felt so privileged to have joined the event. Kudos, Ma’am Janette!


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