Endurance Weekend 2014: Redefine Your Limits

From recreational runners to weekend bikers, running and cycling enthusiasts have explored every long distance route to satisfy their cravings for adrenaline-sucking ultra-distances races, test their endurance and go beyond their limits. And much has been heard about the “usual” routes that these endurance athletes are always up for the challenge of a new route. And it is well noted that these ultra-distance races are held outside the metro, which makes going to the start line and going home from the finish a line an added challenge.

So why not put up an ultra distance race within Metro Manila without the hazard of traffic and the combustion-pumped pollution? Would that even be possible?

On its second year, Filinvest City brings another one of a kind race that will surely put every runner’s and cyclist’s endurance to test with Endurance Weekend 2014: Ride, Rock and Run. A race made exactly for the hardcore cyclists and runners and the racing enthusiasts who are looking for an adventure in the city. The event takes place on November 8 and 9, 2014 at the beautifully landscaped Filinvest City where palms line the streets, lush large patches of greens, and trail within the city exist.

“While there will be prizes and medals for all the winners in the different categories, for most participants, it is reward enough to know that they can take on a race this tough and come out of it a better cyclist or runner,” said Don-Don Mari Ubaldo, Filinvest City Project Head.

“This Endurance Weekend captures the vibrant spirit and the sense of community in Filinvest City. It opens doors for more people to experience the fun outdoor and the active adventures they could have in a true garden city,” Ubaldo further added.

To further perk up the festive atmosphere on race day, expect for rocking side activities that will surely keep everyone entertained and give the racers an extra shot of the adrenaline they need.

It’s time to explore and experience the excitement of the trail within the city. Join the Filinvest Weekend Endurance 2014!

Check out the race details here!


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