I’m sorry, Baby ko.

Sometimes we are too curious to know the truth and anxious to find the answers. But sometimes it pays not to ask at all because we might not like the answer we got and doubt the truth we heard.

We become a little too insensitive and ask questions that shouldn’t have been asked. And regret for having done such. And oftentimes, it’s already too late to take back our words.

Baby ko, thank you for giving me the chance to say I’m sorry. I have flaws and I make mistakes. It never was my intention to hurt you our doubt you. I BELIEVE you. I’m really sorry.

Things may not be the same as before but I’m hoping things will get better. What can I do to make things better?

I missed you so much, baby ko. I really hope to see you and talk to you soon.

Gomen nasai.
Watashi wa anata o aishite imasu.


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