Under Armour Launches its Flagship Store in Manila

Gretchen Ho and Robbie Domingo at the Under Armour Grand Launch and Celebrity Challenge.

Gretchen Ho and Robbie Domingo at the Under Armour Grand Launch and Celebrity Challenge.

Staying active is one way to be healthy – physically and mentally. One way to stay active is by engaging in various sports events like running, cycling, swimming, going to the gym, or playing basketball or football. The longer we workout or play, the more we burn calories. And that means sweating a lot!

Sweating is a good sign that we are releasing toxins from our body. But sometimes it can be nasty. As a runner, I have experienced how sweating made running a bit of a challenge. Chaffing may occur as the skin comes in contact with the apparel causing too much discomfort which could lead to poor running performance. And this may be true for other sports.

To achieve optimum performance in every game, race or workout, it is essential to wear not only functional but also fashionably comfortable clothes. This is what Under Armour promises each athlete and every sports enthusiast out there.

On May 31, 2014, Under Armour, a premier brand of sports apparel, launched its flagship store in the Philippines in response to the call of runners and sports enthusiasts alike for sports gears that best suit their needs. The launch was attended by athletes and sports enthusiasts. Gerard Pizzaras, Robi Domingo, Gretchen Ho were some of the celebrity athletes who graced the event. NU Bulldogs Pep Squad showed the crowd why they were hailed as the UAAP Cheerdance Competion Champions with their breathtaking and heart – stopping performance.

To highlight the event, invited guests were tasked to participate in a fast – paced, action – packed Celebrity Challenge. The level of difficulty and the demand for speed of the race did not deter the celebrity challenger from finishing the obstacle course. True to its promise, the challengers, all geared up in their favourite Under Armour sports gear, finished the obstacle course comfortably in style.

Visit the shop at B6 – Bonifacio High Street, BGC.
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