Heroes to Clash on May 2 at SM MOA Arena

One FC: Rise of Heroes, 2 May 2014 @ SM MOA Arena

One FC: Rise of Heroes, 2 May 2014 @ SM MOA Arena

The Top Biller

One Fighting Championship is back in Manila with its 2014 offering to all mixed martial arts fans. One FC: Rise of Heroes will surely bring the house down as Bantamweight World Champion Bibiano Fernandes defends his title against one of the fiercest bantamweights Masakatsu Ueda. 

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Fernandes established himself as an undefeatable cage warrior when he impressively took down Soo Chul Kim at One FC: Total Domination. Ueda’s expertise in combat wrestling and strong ground game will certainly bring Fernandes’ invincibility put to a test. In Ueda’s words, the match is going to be serious fight, as Fernandes will prove it why he is the champion. 

As One FC CEO Victor Cui said, “you have to be the very, very best in every aspect of your life to earn a shot at the world championship in One FC.” 

So don’t dare miss this top biller! 

The Rematch|

Yusuke Kawanago makes his One FC debut when he faces a former rival Rob Lisita, whom he defeated in 2012. He is looking forward to this rematch come May 2, and vows to teach Lisita a lesson the second time. While Kawanago was firm that the 2012 fight result remains the same, Lisita promises to get back at his opponent and prove it that he’s not called the Ruthless Rob for no reason. The rematch doesn’t happen until six weeks from now, but the intensity of the fight can already be felt. Numbers – wise, Kawanago stands superior with his 13 – 3 – 0 record against Lisita’s 13 – 5 – 0 record. This is a match that everyone should watch out for. Both fighters will use every killing skill they have learned and mastered to outdo each other in order to dominate the Featherweight division. 

The Up and Rising

Though they may still be considered as newbies, but they definitely have the right mix of skills and attitude that brought them to where they are now. A local favourite, Eugene Toquero joins the Rise of Heroes fight card following his defeat by Team Lakay’s Geje Eustaquio. This is a perfect time for him to redeem himself as he faces the Malaysian pretty boy Gianni Subba. Perhaps one of the youngest cage fighters, Subba, at 21, holds a 3 – 0 – 0 under his belt, and is ready for the match up with Toquero with 4 – 1 – 0. 

With a little angst and some humor, Toquero was confident to beat Subba with his muay thai skills and his expertise in the standup fights. He enters the cage without a game plan, but takes the course wherever it leads him to, and puts a counteraction defense to defeat his opponent. With four TKOs, Toquero says he no longer fears anything. 

Gianni Subba started training for fitness when he was 18. But having been exposed to watching MMA at age 13, he transitioned his training to master the skills he needed to win 3 straight victories to date. He was trained to finish his fights and to win. Now, he’s more than ready to make a 4 – 0 when he faces Eugene Toquero. What does he think of his upcoming fight with Toquero? “I know he’s gonna come forward. He’s gonna bring the fire in. He’s a big name in the Philippines. I know he’s 4 in 1 TKO. So I know he’s the jet. It’s a good chance for me. And I’m really excited for this fight.” 


Expect more explosive updates coming in the next few days in the Rise of Heroes fight card. One FC: Rise of Heroes tickets are now available at www.smtickets.com. Grab one now before they run out.


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