The Story of the 102 Kilometre Journey: The Race to the Finish

Photo Credit: phillipbf Photography

Photo Credit: phillipbf Photography

The BDM staff regularly checked on us at strategic check point locations to ensure that all runners are still capable to continue with the race, and that everyone is properly accounted for.

Exhaustion and stress really doubled up on me that at some point, giving up came into my mind. But thinking about the enormous and selfless support from all my friends, giving up would have been the most stupid idea ever.

It was around noon and there’s still about 10 kilometers to grind.  Getting soaked with cold water from head down to my upper body was a great relief from the burning heat of the sun. Benj’s team fostered me for the most part since our support team was with Otek who was then making his way to the finish line. I caught up with Mish and Wes, who, at some point, became my instant running buddies, giving each other a little more push with every kilometre we covered. Everything around was cement, endless road, sand, and dry barren land.

The next thing I saw everything around me was green. It may have been a sign. Then I received a call from Bert telling me that they’re coming back for me. I was about 6 kilometres away to the great finish. It was about half past 1 in the afternoon. I felt like I received a full shot of adrenaline! The muscle cramps were gone. I am trailing behind a handful of runners who have run past me.

For the first time in hours, I rendezvoused with our support team. Instead of using the Nathan Speed 2 hydration belt, I preferred the hand held one – full of really cold water. I started to pick up on my speed douching my body with body whenever my body temperature started to go up. It really helped me maintained a 6km/min pace. And instead of make a full stop every kilometre, I’d meet them up every after a kilometre, going past some other runners.

Photo Credit (bottom photo): phillipbf Photography

Photo Credit (bottom photo): phillipbf Photography

And I’m down to the last stop, which was about 500 metres before the finish line. Pam and Rhina insisted I put on a fresh shirt. It was roughly 5 minutes to 2pm. I took off my already drenched singlet, and putting on my Ok Ok shirt while running so I won’t waste a minute. Time was SILVER.

Daddy BR was ringing the cowbell in his hand signaling that a finisher is approaching. I was approaching the finish line. I could hear people standing by the roadside cheering for me.

Crossing the finish line was the sweetest moment of the entire journey. I was holding a tarp banner printed with “FINISHER”. I can’t contain the joy and happiness that I felt. I was ecstatic, overwhelmed. Daddy BR congratulated and gave me a tight embrace, like a father welcoming back a well – loved prodigal son.

Otek, Ate Bhie, Bert, Abet, Pam, Rhina, Ma Annaly and Jim were all at the finish line. Seeing them all after finishing the race was best thing ever. I know that they were all too tired after the 24 plus hours that they have been awake and on the road doing everything they can to ensure we’re in good hands. I hope that I have made them all proud of this little achievement. And somehow, the Silver medal and the trophy paid off all of their efforts in making sure that we finish the race all in one piece.

Official Time: 15:57:59

bdm finisherMy BIGGEST THANK YOU to goes out to:
Our Support Team: Ate Bhie, Pam, Rhina, Bert, Abet, Jim and Kuya Jobay — whom without you guys, I couldn’t have made it to the finish line this strong.
Team Peachy and Team Don — for sharing with me your runner’s food and hydration.
Team Benj, Ems and Ana — for fostering me when my support team is not around.
Ma Annaly and May — for being my loves.
Pinoyfitness — for my singlets.
Ok Ok Runners Family, Wednesday Group of Runners, Team Boring, AMCII Group, Team Benj, Team Peachy, Team Donald, Team Edrick, Team Otep, Team Jhunbie, ANR Groups,  Team USB, ARC, She and Sir Tong, Shan, Mish and Wes, Coach Bob for checking on me, Coach Mherlz for constantly reminding me to remain humble.
All Support Teams — for the push, the cold shower and hydration.
Daddy BR and BDM Staff — for this “crazy” race that tested our capabilities as a runner and as person.
All Running Friends – for your prayers, well wishes, for the cheers, for the push, for the photos, for loving and understanding this just another face in the crowd person.

And above all, The Almighty God for giving me the strength I needed, for the good health, the good weather, for the gift of friendship, for blessing me with the great and amazing people in our crew, and for the countless friends that I have, and for my family.


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